Jio recharges upgraded to offer 2x more daily data, more non-Jio calling minutes

“The new Jio Rs 11, Rs 21, Rs 51 and Rs 101 plans now offer more data and IUC minutes”

Jio 4G data recharges have been revised by the company to offer double the data and additional calling minutes to subscribers. It should be noted that the Jio 4G recharges are top-up recharges that users need to purchase after exhausting their daily or monthly high-speed data allocation. Originally, the 4G data vouchers only served the purpose of offering fixed data benefits when users’ daily data is exhausted. However, these recharges may have lost their appeal when the telecom started offering 1GB data for every Rs 10 spent on IUC top-ups. Now, in addition doubling the data benefits, Jio is also bundling non-Jio calling minutes with the new Jio Rs 11, Rs 21, Rs 51 and Rs 101 prepaid data vouchers.

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Revised Jio 4G data vouchers data and IUC benefits

PlanPrevious data amountNew data amountIUC minutesValidity
Rs 11400MB800MB75 minutesExisting Plan
Rs 211GB2GB200 minutesExisting Plan
Rs 513GB6GB500 minutesExisting Plan
Rs 1016GB12GB1000 minutesExisting Plan

The Jio Rs 11 prepaid 4G voucher booster pack now offers 800MB high-speed data, instead of 400MB and 75 minutes of Jio to non-Jio calling. The Rs 21 plan provides 2GB data, 200 IUC minutes that will be valid as long as your existing plan is valid. The Rs 51 Jio data plan offers 6GB data along with 500 minutes of Jio to non-Jio calling. Lastly, the Jio Rs 101 pack gives 12GB data and 1000 IUC minutes with your existing plan’s validity. The speed of the above plans will drop to 64Kbps post FUP.

Jio 4G data booster packs

However, Jio hasn’t made any changes to the Rs 251 data booster as the plan continues to offer 2GB data per day and no IUC minutes for non-Jio calls. This means users will have to recharge IUC Top-Up voucher separately to make calls. In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak in India and a lot of the organisations encouraging employees to work from home, these additional data benefits are sure to be helpful for someone with a limited broadband connection.