Remove BG: How to remove background from image online or in photoshop on any device

It’s easier to remove background from images now than ever. You don’t have to be a photoshop expert. If you know how to operate a computer or mobile phone, you can remove bg (background) from an image as well. There are some tools and apps available on the web that can automatically remove background from the images for editing or sharing them as a sticker on social messaging platforms such as WhatsApp. Read on to find out what those web tools and apps are. Below are the steps that’ll guide you through the process on how to remove background from image.

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How to remove background from image online

Remove BG is among the popular background remover web tools out there. You can also use other web tools such as Adobe, Photoscissors, and slazzer. Do watch out their privacy policies before proceeding. Remove BG claims that it treats the images uploaded to its servers confidentially. The web tool also doesn’t share and publish the images anywhere. And about an hour after the upload, the company deletes both the uploaded image and the resulting image.

As for the features, Remove BG is 100 percent automatic and free to use. The web tool requires just a browser to work, which means it can work on any device of your choice, to remove background from images.

  • To remove background from images, visit
  • Upload image whose background you wish to remove
  • After this, the web tool will take some time to process
  • The image with transparent background will appear under the ‘Removed background’ section
  • Click on it to see the result. You can also compare it with the original image by clicking on the ‘Actual’ tab
  • Hit the Download button to save the file on your device. This will ask you to sign-in (if you haven’t)
  • New users are given one free credit to download images in high quality. If you’ve consumed that, you’ll have to purchase Remove BG packs
  • That said, you can download the image with removed background in SD quality as many times
  • The downloaded file will be saved as PNG, which is the actual format for images with no background.

In order to access them, head to the Downloads menu or the last saved location of your device. If you think the Remove BG web tool hasn’t done a good job deleting the background of an image, you can also take the matter into your hand. Click/ Tap ‘Edit’ in the top right corner of the ‘removed background image’ and go to the ‘erase/ restore’ section. One can also overlay the image on a new background using the web tool.

BG Remove: How to delete image background

If you don’t like the automatic tools, use Pixlr to remove background from the images manually. Pixlr is a simplified version of Adobe Photoshop, with the same editing tools and features. It’s free to use with ads, which can be removed with the Pixlr paid version, and has a dedicated app for both Android mobile phones and iPhones. Windows PC/ laptop and Mac users can use Pixlr via a web browser, and I guess it’s the best way because the mobile version of the platform lacks a handful of tools like erasing the background of the images.

How to remove background from image
  • To remove background from image using Pixlr, select the eraser tool from the quick settings panel
  • Rub the eraser over the content you want to remove from the uploaded image
  • Now, save the file using the PNG format
  • You’ll have the image with no background

While it’s the easiest way to remove background from images, you’ll need a better tool to deal with the complex edges and fine details. For that,

Pixlr background eraser tool
  • Go to the platform and launch Pixlr E
  • You can either upload the image from the device or use the URL by clicking on ‘Open Image’ and ‘Load URL’ options respectively
  • After the image is loaded, select ‘Lasso Tool’ (should be third in the list) from the quick settings panel. Alternatively, you can press keyboard shortcut ‘K’
  • You can select the ‘Lasso Tool’ type: Free, Polygon, Beezier, and Magnetic, from the top menu (if you’re doing this on desktop)
  • With the ‘+’ cursor select the portion that you would like to remove and hit ‘Crop’ or press keyboard shortcut delete/ ‘C’
  • If you want to keep the selected portion, copy it –> create a new file with transparent background –> and paste it there.
  • Don’t forget to save the file as PNG, otherwise, all your efforts would go to waste.

You can also use Pixlr’s ‘Wand Select’ tool or ‘Remove BG’ to automatically select and delete background from the image. However, they are not as polished as the aforementioned manual process and other automatic background remover tools out there.

How to remove background from image in Photoshop

There are reasons why professionals prefer Adobe Photoshop over any other tool or app to remove background from image(s). The software gets the job done with utmost perfection. If you’re not satisfied with the results of the aforementioned tools, use Adobe Photoshop. How would you remove the background from image in Photoshop you ask? Follow the steps below

  • Open the image using Adobe Photoshop
  • Go to the layers palette and unlock the image’s layer (if it’s locked) with a double click
  • Now, add a new layer with a bright background and place it below the image layer
  • Select the image layer and go to the quick setting panel
  • From there, left-click and hold on the eraser tool until a small window appears
  • Select ‘Background eraser tool’
  • You can adjust the size of the eraser tool from the menu atop or using keyboard shortcuts ‘[‘ and ‘]’
  • Now, left-click and hover the mouse on the background you wish to remove. You can select ‘Sampling once’ if the image has a uniform colour in the background, or ‘Sampling Continuous’ that’ll continuously sample from wherever you select to make the background removing process easier for you
  • Deselect/ delete the layer with the bright background to have the image on transparent background
  • Now, save the image as PNG
That’s how you remove background from images.