RIM Announces BlackBerry 10 as the next generation platform for BlackBerry devices

RIM, after announcing the next generation BlackBerry BBX at BlackBerry DevCon was forced to change the name later. Surprisingly, a company named BASIS sought out to sue RIM for trademark infringement for the use of BBX name. The company prevented them using the name as it was parked for a platform. So, RIM with no other option takes advantage in renaming it to BlackBerry 10. RIM announced the next generation platform BlackBerry 10 at BlackBerry DevCon Asia held at Singapore. BlackBerry10 RIM claims, the BlackBerry 10  as single, converged, next-generation BlackBerry platform. Since, this is a cross platform rapidly ports native applications and applications based on HTML5. BlackBerry devices running this advanced and improved platform will enter into the market in the coming months. However, there are devices running BlackBerry OS7 flooded into the market and still reaching a few countries. blackberry-10-api

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