When your friend, sibling, or a colleague asks for our phone, it’s hard to say no. In a culture so open like ours it’s not easy to keep our privacy protected. What could make a difference is a virtual wall of sorts that can keep your private content private.

That’s where Samsung has come up with an industry-first innovation under its ‘Make for India’ initiative – the new Quick Switch and intelligent Content Suggestions privacy features. The two new features eliminate the anxiety that users, especially Gen Z, feel while sharing their smartphone with others, thus allowing them to live the Alt Z Life.

Quick Switch – a new feature that is now available on the Samsung Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 smartphones – is your path to the Alt Z Life. It lets you switch between private and public versions of the Gallery, web browser, and other apps with just a double click of the side key, so you can switch seamlessly without anyone even noticing.

To manage your privacy even more smartly, there’s the Content Suggestions feature powered by AI technology. Content Suggestions intelligently identifies and suggests pictures, basis pre-set identifiers, that you might want to move to your private gallery. All you need to do is define people and faces that you would want to keep in your private gallery.

A life of zero stress from privacy invasions and one that gives you complete freedom to do things in your own space… that’s what the Alt Z life is all about.

Get to know these features better through the below interactive demo and see how Quick Switch and Content Suggestions will change your life for good.

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