Samsung launches Bespoke Jet, Robotic Jet Bot+ robotic vacuum cleaners in India: price, features

Samsung's newly launched vacuum cleaner claims to remove 99.999 per cent of dust.

  • The newly launched Samsung Vacuum cleaner starts at Rs 65,000 in India.
  • Bespoke Jet comes in two colour options – Midnight Blue and Woody Green.
  • Robotic Jet Bot+ has LiDAR sensor-based navigation, Wi-Fi control, and much more.

Samsung has launched a new range of premium vacuum cleaners, including Bespoke Jet and Robotic Jet Bot+, in India. According to the company, the new lineup guarantees 99.999 per cent dust-free cleaning and the products are tailored for Indian consumers looking for simple cleaning solutions. It should be noted that Samsung has entered the robotic vacuum cleaner market in India for the first time with the new lineup.

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Samsung Bespoke Jet, Robotic Jet Bot+ price in India, where to buy

The new line-up, which starts at Rs 65,900, will be sold on Amazon as well as, Samsung Exclusive Shops, and the new Samsung Shop App.

Samsung Bespoke Jet, Robotic Jet Bot+ specifications

The company said that the Bespoke Jet is the first of its kind with an innovative design that makes cleaning easy and clean. In addition to its all-in-one Clean Station, it has a dock that charges the vacuum cleaner and empties the dustbin automatically. It is lighter and has a better Digital Inverter Motor than its predecessor, so that it can clean even better. 

The vacuum cleaner comes with powerful 210W suction capability in two styles – the Midnight Blue Bespoke Jet Pro Extra, a vacuum cleaner and mop, and the Woody Green Bespoke Jet Pet, a dry vacuum.

Meanwhile, the robotic Jet Bot+ comes with a clean station that automatically empties the trash, smart connectivity and control through the SmartThings app, voice recognition, and LiDAR sensor-based navigation.

People may simply view the location of their Robotic Jet Bot+ on a real-time map of their homes with Live Cleaning Report. Customers may stop it from cleaning and even check where it has cleaned. Users can check the cleaning history of the device to see what areas it has already cleaned and how long it took.