Samsung Galaxy Alpha review in pictures

“A snappy, snacky review of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha”

The Galaxy Alpha (first impressions | camera review) isn’t just another loaded smartphone from Samsung. For one, it’s quite compact thanks to its 4.7-inch screen – a deviation from the norm since most high-end Android phones rock larger screens these days. And secondly, the device is the first Galaxy smartphone to use metal in its construction. Did we mention it comes with top-notch specs? In a lot of ways, it feels like a compact version of the current S series flagship, the Galaxy S5 (review), despite the existence of the S5 Mini. Features like the built-in fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor we saw on the S5 have made their way to the Alpha too, but sadly, the latter isn’t impervious to water like its more accomplished sibling. The metal build is its mainstay, but does that mean it lacks on other fronts such as camera quality and overall performance? We’ve covered it quite extensively, but just in case you missed our review, or prefer a shorter version instead, here’s a quick review in pictures.