Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro official support page shows up online

  • Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds now have a support page, indicating that they’ll be launched soon
  • The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro launch date is likely January 14, the same as the Samsung Galaxy 21 series
  • It will be the first-ever Samsung-branded TWS earbuds to feature Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

Samsung has been rumoured to unveil a pair of TWS earbuds some time now. Earlier leaks told us that it would be called the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. It aims to improve upon its predecessor, the Galaxy Bud Live and will come with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC); something that has been notably absent from Samsung’s TWS earbud until now. Now, an official support page that sheds some light on the Samsung Galaxy Pro specs has shown up online. However, it fails to mention several Galaxy Buds Pro specifications like driver size, battery capacity, frequency range, number of microphones, etc. 

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro specifications and features

Thankfully, earlier leaks have told us a lot about the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. For starters, it will come with a 472mAh battery case. An individual earbud can hold up to 58mAh of charge, so one can get about three uses out of the battery case with a single charge. However, that number could be a bit lower if ANC is enabled. While the number of microphones on the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are unknown, the count will be higher than that of its predecessor to facilitate ANC functionality and to enable support for virtual assistants.

Now that Samsung has started adding the UWB (ultra-wideband) chip on its smartphones, starting with the Galaxy Note 20 series, finding a lost pair of Galaxy Buds Pros should be a lot easier via the Find My Galaxy app. Other Galaxy Buds Pro features could include a low-latency mode for gaming, an ambient mode for when you have to be aware of your surroundings, and a bass-heavy mode for music.