Experience the ultimate clarity of sound with Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro with 24-bit Hi-Fi processing

Samsung launched its Galaxy Buds Pro truly wireless earphones back in January 2021, and mesmerised the tech industry with its premium offering in the audio segment. With improved audio, active noise cancellation, and head-tracking technology, the Galaxy Buds Pro established itself as one of the best choices in its price segment. Now, Samsung has brought the successor to this popular product, i.e. Galaxy Buds2 Pro, and as you might have guessed, the new TWS brings massive upgrades to this already amazing product.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro are the most premium set of TWS earbuds from Samsung to date and comes with several improvements over its predecessor, with upgrades across the board – both in terms of design and features, along with an enhanced audio experience. Let’s dive in to find out the features that make the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro the worthy successor to the last year’s brilliant offering.

24-bit Hi-Fi Audio with Coaxial 2-Way Speaker – Richer sound than ever

We all have been at a place where certain wireless earbuds have just not been able to satiate the audiophile in us. This is because, at times, you can experience a lack of detail and sound loss on conventional TWS. The 24-bit Hi-Fi audio processing on the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro makes sure that these new earphones offer rich sound with impeccable consistency. Yes, you read that right! These earbuds use 24-bit Hi-Fi audio processing, compared with the 16-bit processing on the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. The 24-bit Hi-Fi audio allows the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro to deliver up to 256 times more sound data as compared to its predecessor. This results in minimal sound loss, along with steady and high-quality sound during processing, offering a clearer and richer audio experience.

Samsung has used a Coaxial 2-way speaker design on the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro to fit all that might inside the compact design, without having to compromise on the sound quality. A Coaxial 2-way speaker is a speaker where the tweeter, or the tweeter and a mid-range driver are mounted in front of the woofer.

Powerful Active Noise Cancellation – Focus on what’s important

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro also offers a powerful and intelligent active noise cancellation (ANC) experience using high Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) microphones that can filter out up to 40 percent more noise than the Galaxy Buds Pro.

The SNR mics allow the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro to track and eliminate noise, making things as quiet as possible, and helping you focus on things that are most important. The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro also use a larger (almost twice as big) windshield area as compared to last year’s Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, allowing for more effective elimination of outside noise by diverting the wind away from the ear.

This is not it, the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro also comes with a feature called Voice Detect. When you are listening to music with ANC turned on, you can’t hear things. Usually, if someone is talking to you, you either pause the music or take out one earbud to be able to talk. The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro solves this problem with the Voice Detect feature, which will turn on Ambient mode and switch off ANC as soon as you start speaking.

360-Degree Sound – Hear It Like You’re There

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro also takes surround sound to the next level. These TWS provide users with a 360-degree cinematic sound experience using Direct 5.1, 7.1, and Dolby Atmos Multi-Channel audio support. The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro also come with an improved head-tracking response with Motion Prediction that is based on Samsung’s advanced machine learning algorithms.

Crystal Voice Call Quality – Make Yourself Heard

Calling quality is something that many TWS earphones are not able to get right, even with multiple microphones. The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro aim to solve this by using its Deep Neural Networks (DNN) with personalised beamforming with the 3 SNR mics to enhance call quality. The personalised beamforming offers a clear calling experience even if the user has worn the earbud in a less-than-ideal way. With the use of DNNs, the Samsung Galaxy Buds also uses auto-correction measures to learn how a user wears their earbuds, and then pick up audio using its AI-based personalised beamforming.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro also helps in improving audio quality. The large windshield, as mentioned above, helps keep the wind noise away, resulting in clearer audio quality.

Design – Fit, acoustics, and aerodynamics

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro have a design that will make your experience all the more comfortable and richer. There are a lot of users who have smaller ears and struggle to fit some of the other TWS earbuds in their ears. The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro come in a 15 percent smaller size as compared to the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, meaning they can fit even smaller ears comfortably. The smaller form factor also means that you can wear the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro for longer hours without facing any discomfort. These new TWS come with a true-fit design that makes sure that the buds stay in place even when you are active physically.

Apart from fit and finish, the design of the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro has been well thought over in terms of providing the right fit and aerodynamics to be able to offer the best audio experience. There is an increased airflow between the vent hole and the nozzle grill that decreases the muffling sound in the canal-type design of a human ear. Further, the 3-mic system with the larger windshield, as mentioned above, maximizes voice clarity by minimizing the wind noise when you’re listening to music.

Galaxy Connected Experience – All in the ecosystem

One of the major benefits of buying the Galaxy Buds2 Pro is that it fits right into the massive Samsung ecosystem. If you are a Samsung user, you can enjoy seamless connectivity with your other Samsung products like your Samsung Galaxy smartphones, tablets, laptops, and now, Samsung has even added Samsung TVs to the ecosystem. Users can enjoy hands-free pairing, switching, and more.

There is an auto-switch feature that allows users to switch easily from their TV or laptop to their smartphone. If you get a call while watching something on the TV with the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro on, the Buds will automatically switch to the smartphone as soon as you receive the call automatically. The auto-switch is compatible with 18 Samsung TVs and monitors.

The Samsung Connected Experience also allows you to use Samsung’s SmartThings Find feature, which is a live-tracking tool that helps you find your Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro. You can find your earbuds with the SmartThings Find feature even when they are offline or charging. In case you never forget your earbuds, there is also an alarm that notifies you when you leave behind your Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro also come with a quirky health feature. Many times, when we are sitting somewhere on our phones, our backs are slouched, and the neck is leaning toward the phone screen resulting in a very harmful posture. The Galaxy Buds2 Pro will notify you on the phone if you maintain a bad posture for more than 10 minutes. It will also suggest light stretches to prevent pain.

Price and Offers – How Much It Costs And What Can I Save

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro is priced at Rs 17,999 on the official Samsung website. There is also a no-cost EMI option starting at Rs 1,237 per month – that consumers can avail. For more details, visit the website.