Samsung Galaxy F54 5G now available for pre-order on Flipkart, here’s why this could be the dream phone for you

The Samsung Galaxy F54 5G has finally been unveiled and looks all set to revolutionise the Indian smartphone market with its high-end features. Moreover, it comes with a signature Galaxy design that captures your attention right away. It’s an utterly gorgeous piece of tech that’ll invoke envy among the peers of those who own it. At its price of Rs 27,999, it’s the perfect phone for Gen Z buyers who are always looking for new ways to express themselves and their style. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Samsung handset ahead of its first sale.

Flagship-grade 108MP camera system

Capturing everyday shots in all their glory is something that Gen Z buyers always give high priority to, and Samsung has clearly understood this while crafting the new Galaxy F54 5G. It has blessed the handset with an OIS-equipped 108MP Triple Camera setup that’ll leave nothing to be desired in the photography department. Expect high-quality shots replete with immaculate details no matter what kind of light you’re shooting in.

Speaking of lighting, the phone also comes with the brand’s Nightography technology, which works magic in low-light scenarios. Previously reserved only for flagships, this feature uses advanced algorithms to allow you to take vivid and highly optimised photos, even in the dark. And there’s one more flagship feature that the Galaxy F54 5G’s camera has acquired. The amazing Astrolapse mode, which allows users to capture night trails in all their glory, has also been added to the phone’s repertoire. This means that you will be able to click gorgeous night sky pictures the next time you go for a trip to the hills.

There’s even the trusty Single Take mode for capturing multiple photos and videos of the same scene. This helps you avoid the confusion of choosing the right lens, as you can capture various perspectives with a single tap and keep the ones you want while deleting the others. The Galaxy F54 5G’s camera attributes also include Fun Mode, which adds wacky Snapchat filters right in the Camera app, and the Photo Remaster tool for boosting the overall look of your images. That’s not all; the incredible Object Eraser tool is also present on the device, allowing users to remove unwanted stuff from their pictures in an instant.

Moreover, there’s ample scope for capturing stunning selfies, as the front of this Samsung phone is adorned with a 32MP camera. And like the rear camera, this one too can capture footage in 4K resolution, making it great for vlogging. This means the Galaxy F54 5G ticks all the right boxes when it comes to being the ideal photography companion for Gen Z buyers.

Eye-catching design

There’s no denying that the Samsung Galaxy F54 5G is an extremely attractive handset. It gets its premium looks mainly from its spectacular rear surface that bears a premium glossy finish and a metallic sheen. The two colour options – Meteor Blue and Star Dust Silver – offer a truly magnificent aura to the handset. Its advanced design also makes it an incredibly comfortable device to hold. It is thin and lightweight, despite the fact that it carries a massive battery inside it.

Gorgeous 120Hz Super AMOLED+ display

A 6.7″ display sits on the front surface of the Galaxy F54 5G. This advanced panel showcases its visuals in FHD+ resolution and also bears a 120Hz refresh rate for delivering silky smooth animations, swift transitions, and speedy scrolling. And to add to all this, the display is Super AMOLED+ in nature, which means the best contrast levels will be on offer when you’re watching your favourite movies and TV shows. This high-end panel surely makes the Galaxy F54 5G a great device for those who love to stream content on their smartphones.

Power-packed internal setup with 5G support

The Exynos 1380 beats at the heart of this new handset. The best part of this chipset is its 5nm architecture which distinguishes it from most other phones in its price range. This unique attribute gives it tremendous power along with high levels of battery efficiency. Gamers are bound to love the hefty performance that the device provides, making it ideal for running high-end online games. Another aspect of the Galaxy F54 5G that gamers will adore is its huge 6000mAh Battery, which, under regular use conditions, can last for up to 2 days on a single charge.

Multitasking will be a breeze on this phone, thanks to its capacity to deliver up to 16GB of RAM via Samsung RAM Plus technology. This feature converts the phone’s vacant storage into memory to aid multitasking, making the overall user experience even smoother. This phone also gets revolutionary download speeds thanks to its adoption of 5G. Wherever 5G is available, users will be able to experience lightning-quick downloads, lag-free browsing, and low-latency gaming. Now who wouldn’t want that?

Smashing software features

As if the brilliance of Nightography, Astrolapse, Object Eraser etc. wasn’t enough, Samsung has added plenty of other stuff to the Galaxy F54 5G’s software that deserves your attention. Among them is the Samsung Wallet, a comprehensive hub that can help you say goodbye to carrying your physical wallet everywhere you go. It can hold not just your membership cards but also your digital keys, license, and much more. And it’s also home to Samsung Pay for instant payments at POS terminals.

This phone runs Android 13 out of the box but its main appeal is the One UI 5.1 which adds a ton of the brand’s bells and whistles to greatly enhance the user experience. These include personalised avatars and stickers and even the Voice Focus feature that filters out background noise to allow the listener to clearly hear the voice from the other end, even if the caller is in a noisy environment. Moreover, owners of the phone can look forward to plenty of new features being added in the future as it has been promised a whopping 4 generations of OS upgrades, along with 5 years of security updates.

Price and availability

As we said, the Samsung Galaxy F54 5G is an ideal buy for Gen Z buyers who want their phone to be an extension of their personality. You don’t need to wait for long either in order to lay hands on the device as it can be pre-ordered on Flipkart starting today itself, i.e. June 6th. So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you pre-order the Galaxy F54 5G at just Rs. 27999, so you can enjoy this phone’s innovative flagship-grade features at the earliest.