Samsung Galaxy Fold underperforms in folding durability test

“After relaunching the Galaxy Fold with a more durable design, the device is still every bit fragile” 

Samsung Galaxy Fold (first impression) foldable smartphone was recently relaunched by the brand in several regions. The phone now features a more durable design, but at the same time, the brand has urged users to be careful while handling the device. The company originally stated that the Galaxy Fold’s folding mechanism is good for around 200,000 folds. However, a recent torture test killed the Fold’s display at 120,169 folds. The test conducted was more rigorous than Samsung’s methods, which means that under normal usage, the Fold might last as long as advertised. 120,169 folds still amount to about 4 years of use. 

The fold test performed by Samsung essentially folded the device in slow movements and hence, it survived up to 200,000 folds. However, the new test, which the folks over at CNET performed, features faster folds and that perhaps brought a quicker death to the Galaxy Fold. A normal user wouldn’t fold the $2000 Fold the same way the machine does. Therefore, it should last longer than the 120,169 folding and unfolding that CNET managed with their unit. 

In the CNET test, the folding display actually cracked before it hit the mark, but the phone stopped working at 120,169. Even if the user folds and unfolds the phone at this pace, 100,000 folds are almost three years of usage. On average, the user would fold/unfold the phone around 80 times per day. At that rate, the phone will easily last three years, which is a pretty long time for a futuristic phone. 

Although Samsung has improved the durability on the Galaxy Fold, it still warns users to not use it roughly. The phone is not waterproof and some users have noted that dust can still enter the folded area. It is still quite fragile and we wouldn’t recommend using the Galaxy Fold as a regular smartphone. The Galaxy Fold was recently made available for purchase in India for a whopping Rs 1,64,999 and even sold out really quickly. However, we would suggest that you wait for the next model instead of spending money on this one. 

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Samsung Galaxy Fold
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4380 mAh Battery
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