For long, premium smartphones have remained out of the reach of the average buyers due to the high retail price. Samsung is changing that now with the new Galaxy Forever program, which aims to make the latest Galaxy flagship smartphones more accessible and affordable than ever before. With this program, you can bring home the latest flagship smartphones from Samsung by paying just 60 percent of the cost, that too on EMIs! What’s more, after 12 months of ownership, Galaxy Forever gives you the freedom to return the device, keep it, or upgrade to the next flagship. To determine as to how popular the attractive new Samsung Galaxy Forever program is among our readers, we recently ran some polls on our Twitter account. There were a total of four polls, which ran for 72 hours each, and saw a brilliant response with over 25,000 votes. Let’s have a look at what our readers know and think about Galaxy Forever.

How much do you pay to get a new smartphone under Galaxy Forever?

Flagship smartphones are known for offering an uncompromising user experience and, thus, are placed in the premium price segment. Thanks to Samsung Galaxy Forever, customers can now bring home the premium experience that the latest Galaxy flagship smartphones offer for 60% of the cost! Over 52 percent of our readers are aware of this and ecstatic about the fact that they need to pay just 60 percent of the cost to get their dream smartphone. This shows how the consumers have been blown away by the steep savings this program brings and the kind of buzz it has created in the market!

Can you upgrade your phone after 12 months under Galaxy Forever?

The smartphone industry is known for coming out with newer designs and innovative features every year. For a true smartphone enthusiast, upgrading to the latest in smartphone tech every year without paying a huge sum is like a dream that has come true. Fortunately, Samsung Galaxy Forever gives them the freedom to upgrade to the newest Galaxy flagship after using their current smartphone for 12 months and keeping pace with the changes in the smartphone market! It’s no surprise that almost 35 percent of the polled readers voted for upgrading to a new Galaxy smartphone as part of the program. 22 percent of the readers also voted for keeping the device after the 12-month period, which signifies the trust customers have in the durability of Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

What happens if the screen of the smartphone you bought under Galaxy Forever is damaged?

With a premium smartphone, the biggest concern buyers would have will be around accidentally damaging it. Fortunately, Samsung Care+ accidental and liquid damage protection is provided free for smartphones purchased under the Galaxy Forever program, making it extremely lucrative. The fact that you get free screen replacement and damage protection helps ease buyers’ minds – in fact, almost 60 percent of the respondents in the poll were aware of the free screen replacement guaranteed under the Galaxy Forever program. Considering that replacing a damaged screen costs a significant amount of money without Samsung Care+, this just adds to the value proposition of the Galaxy Forever program.

Which Samsung Galaxy smartphones are part of Galaxy Forever?

Under the Galaxy Forever program, the entire lineup of Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy S20 series smartphones is up for grabs at just 60 percent of their respective retail prices! While all respondents were aware of one or more model being offered under this program, about 31 percent of the polled respondents knew that all of the flagship Samsung models can be availed using Galaxy Forever. And for those unaware, we can confirm that the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note20, and Galaxy Note20 Ultra smartphones are part of the program. Below is the breakdown of the smartphones you can get under this program as well as the EMIs you will pay:


EMIs start at

Galaxy S20

Rs 3233

Galaxy S20+

Rs 3545

Galaxy S20 Ultra

Rs 4373

Galaxy Note20

Rs 3545

Galaxy Note20 Ultra

Rs 4627

To conclude

With features like a significant savings, easy EMI options, the power to upgrade to a new flagship every year, and the bundled Samsung Care+ cover, Galaxy Forever is one of the best ways to own a new flagship smartphone this festive season. And it has clearly created a lot of buzz in the market as a lot of our readers are aware about its numerous benefits and excited about this new initiative from Samsung. Thanks to the amazing value proposition it offers, Galaxy Forever certainly seems set to be a big hit among Indian smartphone users, a who are excited to try out the latest Galaxy flagship smartphones by paying just 60% of the cost.

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