Samsung recently took covers off its latest M-series smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy M31s, in India. The newest addition to the popular Galaxy M series builds upon the line-up’s illustrious past and offers a wide array of features that make it the go-to choice for smartphone enthusiasts on the lookout for an affordable, feature-packed Android device. From an amazing camera and unmatched battery life to a superior display and stunning design, the new Samsung smartphone stands miles above the competition.

Today, we compare the features offered by the Galaxy M31s against the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Max, Realme 6 Pro, and the POCO X2. All of the aforementioned devices compete with the Samsung Galaxy M31s in the affordable smartphones segment. Let us now take a close look at the key features that the Samsung Galaxy M31s offers the discerning Indian consumer and see why it comes out on top when you pit it against the immediate competition.

64MP Intelli-Cam features with Single Take makes the difference

Let’s begin by talking about perhaps the most sought-after feature on the modern-day smartphone – the camera. All four smartphones in this comparison sport a 64MP primary camera and seem evenly matched. However, it’s only when you look at the details that you realise why the Galaxy M31s easily comes out tops in this department.

To start with, Samsung Galaxy M31s features the excellent Sony IMX682 image sensor, which has been widely acclaimed to be among the best in business. The Galaxy M31s also uses a 26mm, f/1.8 lens for the primary camera, which ensures vibrant, crystal clear images no matter the lighting conditions. Fast, effortless autofocus speed is guaranteed thanks to support for Phase Detection Auto Focus.

While all the smartphones in this comparison get an ultra-wide-angle camera, what makes the one on the Samsung Galaxy M31s special is the fact that it uses a 12MP sensor as opposed to the 8MP sensors used by the competition. The result? Detailed images with less noise and excellent dynamic range. The Galaxy M31s also offers a wider, 123-degree field of view with the ultra-wide-angle camera. This ensures that you can fit more of that beautiful landscape in a single frame while also letting you capture dramatic shots. Then there are the two 5MP sensors – the first for macro shots to capture excellent closeup shots of things around you, and the second that promises excellent bokeh and edge detection when clicking portraits.

Beyond the hardware features, what makes the Samsung Galaxy M31s truly special is the Intelli-Cam features that include the revolutionary Single Take, Nudge, Custom Filters, and more features. The core idea behind the Single Take feature is to ensure that the consumer doesn’t miss out on capturing an important moment just because they are contemplating whether they need to capture a video or a photo of that moment. With Single Take, Samsung solves a major pain point by letting users capture multiple versions of the same moment. It allows users to get up to 10 different outputs of the same moment.

The outputs include:

Up to 3 best moments

Up to 2 smart crops

Up to 2 still images with Samsung Camera Filters

Original Video

Hyperlapse Video

Boomerang Video

The magic of Intelli-Cam extends to the Nudge feature that uses AI technology to intelligently suggest users the best resolution to shoot images. Other intelligent features on the Galaxy M31s include the 99 custom filter options, the smart selfie angle feature that switches automatically to the wide-angle mode when it detects more people in the frame, and the ability to switch between the front and rear cameras while recording videos.

The Samsung Galaxy M31s also gets a formidable 32MP front-facing camera with Single Take feature & the capability to record 4K videos – making it the only device among the competition capable of doing this. The front camera can also capture slow-motion footage, which is mostly restricted to the rear cameras on most competing devices.

The three competing devices – Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Max, Realme 6 Pro, and POCO X2 – fail to match up to the Galaxy M31s despite their 64MP quad cameras neither in terms of image quality not number of features.

Gorgeous Super AMOLED display

Samsung is the global leader in display technology and has extensive experience in manufacturing world-class Super AMOLED panels. It comes as no surprise, therefore, to see the Samsung Galaxy M31s feature a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED panel. In comparison, the three other devices in this comparison feature IPS LCD panels. Thanks to the Super AMOLED screen, Samsung Galaxy M31s offers a much better viewing experience under all circumstances, and especially while consuming content. The AMOLED panel ensures vivid colours, deeper blacks, and helps conserve battery life.

Simply put, the LCD panels on the other three handsets are no match for the superior Super AMOLED display that the Galaxy M31s uses. Additionally, this display also boasts a 20:9 aspect ratio making it an apt tool for content consumption.

Some of the devices in this comparison also boast of high refresh rate displays. However, with most apps still unable to support these enhanced refresh rates, it only contributes to the overall battery drain without much positive impact on overall usability. This, combined with the massive 6,000mAh capacity, ensures that the Galaxy M31s offers unmatched battery life without compromising on display quality and overall performance.

Massive 6,000mAh battery with 25W fast charging that’s in a league of its own

With its gargantuan 6,000mAh battery, the Galaxy M31s has the highest battery capacity amongst the three other competing devices being discussed. Even the Redmi Note 9 Pro Max – which gets a 5,020mAh cell – finds itself relegated to a distant second position when it comes to sheer battery size. The other two devices get a 4,300mAh (Realme 6 Pro) and 4,500mAh (POCO X2) batteries that, while being ‘large enough,’ simply cannot match the 6,000mAh monster of a battery that the Samsung Galaxy M31s packs. Samsung claims up to 27 hours of non-stop video playback time, up to 51 hours of voice calls, 125 hours of music playback, and an incredible 22 hours of continuous internet browsing time thanks to this massive battery.

Further strengthening the case for the Galaxy M31s is its support for 25W fast charging. This ensures that you can charge the monster-sized 6,000mAh battery in just 97 minutes. What’s more, the phone can also act as a power bank thanks to lets you charge other devices with the reverse charging feature. While other handsets in this comparison do feature reverse charging support, what all of them lack is the massive battery capacity of the Galaxy M31s. Samsung also bundles a USB Type-C to Type-C USB cable in the box.

Now that we have covered most of the battery features of the Samsung Galaxy M31s, it’s easy to see how easily the phone manages to get an unassailable lead over the competition when it comes to battery-centric features.

Unmatched, clutter-free user experience with OneUI by Samsung

While there is no denying the importance of high-quality hardware on modern smartphones, what most people seem to underestimate is the contribution that a well-designed and optimised software lends to the overall ownership experience. With the Android 10-based OneUI, Samsung Galaxy M31s gets the same high-quality software that users get to experience on premium smartphones from the company’s Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series devices.

The refreshed OneUI is also widely acclaimed to be among the most well-designed, intuitive, and optimised smartphone UX currently in existence. With well-designed icons, menu structure, and a variety of themes, OneUI also offers a plethora of customisation options for the consumer. Samsung also offers a consistent and ad-free user experience, which isn’t really the case when you look at the three other devices in question here.

Gradient design and attractive colour options

We have come a long way from the days when buying an affordable smartphone generally meant you end up with a device with uninspiring, boring designs. That is no longer the case today. Look at the Samsung Galaxy M31s and the two gorgeous gradient colour options it comes in: Mirage Black and Mirage Blue. These colour options give the phone a premium touch. Another noticeable thing about the Galaxy M31s is the fact that Samsung has managed to keep the dimensions of the phone quite compact even though it packs in the monster-sized 6,000mAh battery.

The redesigned camera array with the quad cameras arranged within a square housing also adds a touch of character to the Galaxy M31s and lets the phone easily compete against the other smartphones being discussed in this article.

Great performance for everything you need

Samsung Galaxy M31s comes with the intelligent Exynos 9611 processor, a powerful SoC that can handle all the tasks you throw at it. Based on the efficient 10nm manufacturing process, Exynos 9611 is a versatile chip that is powerful and power-efficient. It houses a dedicated Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine with an onboard vision processing unit. In fact, this processor deserves all the credit for letting the Galaxy M31s and its users explore the full potential of the world-class camera hardware the phone gets.

All the newly introduced camera-centric features – including Single Take and the rest of the Intelli-cam features – are made possible by the Exynos 9611 SoC and its powerful AI capabilities. The M31s is also excellent at handling graphics-intensive tasks thanks to the powerful ARM Mali G72 MP3 GPU. Add Samsung’s class-leading hardware-software integration to the mix, and the result is a smartphone that is not only powerful but also a delight to use.

In conclusion

There is no doubt that the new Samsung Galaxy M31s is a worthy successor to the Galaxy M31. The feature upgrades that it brings to the table including the vast array of camera and battery centric features let it easily compete against the likes of Redmi Note 9 Pro Max, Realme 6 Pro, and POCO X2. Therefore, Galaxy M31s if you are scouting for a new affordable smartphone proceed around the Rs 20K mark.