Top features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s revamped S Pen

“There’s more than meets the eye with Samsung’s all-new S Pen”

At the Galaxy Unpacked event held in New York today, South Korean giant Samsung unveiled the all-new Galaxy Note9. The latest flagship from the brand comes with an enormous display, a beefy battery, and an all-new S Pen. For the uninitiated, the S Pen has been the trademark of every Galaxy Note smartphone launched in the past and this time around, the company has improved it in a number of ways. So, if you thought of the S Pen as just another stylus, we’re here to tell you otherwise. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 3The Galaxy Note9’s S Pen comes with support for BLE, which stands for Bluetooth Low-Energy Connectivity. As its moniker suggests, BLE is intended to provide Bluetooth transmission at significantly reduced power without compromising the communication range. Therefore, similar to most other Bluetooth accessories, the S Pen too can maintain a connection up to 10 meters. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 4

Consequently, Samsung’s S Pen can do a lot more than jotting down notes. For instance, you can use it as a remote shutter button for when you’re trying to click photos from a distance. Moreover, since the brand is targeting the productivity-oriented users, one can also use the button on the accessory to flip between different pages of a presentation. What’s more, long-pressing the button on the stylus opens the camera app by default, but unlike the Bixby button, Samsung is giving users the option to remap it to a different app. Last but certainly not the least, you’ll be able to write and draw on a full screen by docking the Galaxy Note9 to the Samsung DeX and share your work with the growing community of artists on the brand’s PENUP platform. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S-pen (2)

Now, we know what you must be wondering that all this functionality is bound to drain the S Pen’s battery and the last thing anyone wants is to carry an additional cable to charge the accessory. Well, you don’t have to worry about that. The S Pen comes with a super capacitor embedded, which charges the unit completely in just 40 seconds when it’s docked inside the Samsung Galaxy Note9. Moreover, should the battery of the S Pen die, you can continue using it as a normal stylus. 

In a nutshell, the S Pen with the Galaxy Note9 can take the usability of the flagship to the next level. 

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