The wait for the eagerly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite is finally over! The rumor mills had been abuzz with the Galaxy Note10 Lite for over a month, and Samsung has made features reserved for flagship devices even more accessible to the younger lot, for whom this offering is especially designed. This latest addition to the Samsung portfolio is a part of the iconic Galaxy Note series and despite the ‘Lite’ in its name, it manages to pack in some heavy-duty features. From the signature S Pen that works like a magic wand to a Pro-Grade Camera, the Galaxy Note10 Lite has it all. Let us take you through all the factors that make this new Samsung smartphone, the powerhouse that it really is.

S Pen unlocks your productivity

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite comes with the powerful S Pen, the signature accessory of the Samsung Galaxy Note series. Lodged in an easy-to-access chamber within the phone’s body, this handy S Pen grants you the power to do more, not just in terms of creativity but also in productivity.

First there’s the Screen-Off Memo feature that enables you to jot down notes without even unlocking the Galaxy Note10 Lite. Just pop out the S Pen and start scribbling on the screen! Once you are done and put the S Pen back in the phone, your notes will be automatically saved in the Samsung Notes app! And you can switch between the ink colour of the S Pen to make highlights in your notes.

Once you’ve written your notes you can convert your handwriting to text with just a tap with Text Export. This can then be shared as a word document or a PDF.

Screen Write lets you take the screenshot of the entire screen with a single tap and then scribble your own notes and points over it to share your insights with everyone. And if you want a screenshot of just one portion of the screen, Smart Select feature of the S Pen will also come in handy — it can even create GIFs of the animated portions to add visual elements in your presentations!

And for all the globe trotters, the Translate function will be a godsend — simply hover the S Pen over the foreign text and the translated text will show up above it. But it gets better — you can even listen to the pronunciation of the original text by tapping the sound icon!

But the S Pen is not all work and no play — it helps you unleash your creativity. Take the AR Doodle feature for instance, which uses the camera to render a 3D augmented reality space for you to doodle. Make your own additions to the world around you — the doodles will even move around as you move, bring in a fun element to your video, and spruce up your social timeline!

If you use the camera a lot, the S Pen Air Actions will become your best friend in the quest for the perfect photos and videos. The Air Actions let you switch between the front and rear cameras remotely by double-clicking the button on the S Pen. A single click will let you capture the shots from a distance. Press the button on the S Pen and wave it left or right to change the Camera modes, or rotate it like a wand to zoom in or out of a shot. You can even control the music on your phone by hitting the Play/Pause button remotely & switching tracks using the S Pen Air Actions.

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite also features the Samsung PENUP app, which is a thriving community for enthusiastic amateur and professional artists alike. PENUP not only lets you draw and upload your creations to share with others, it helps inspire you with the art of others — you can like, comment, and even repost the work you like. PENUP even helps you learn how to draw with Live Drawing, where you trace a video clip with your S Pen. The best artists of the PENUP community get a spot in the Hall of Fame for the world to see.

A PC-on-the-go with Link to Windows

The Galaxy Note10 Lite is compatible with Link to Windows, a tool to turn a smartphone into a literal PC-on-the-go. There’s an icon in the notifications that lets you wirelessly connect your phone to your PC. This quick solution allows you to access your notifications, reply to your messages, and even view photos and videos stored on the device. Once you pair your Galaxy Note10 Lite and Windows computer, you can access it anytime with just a single tap from the Windows Link toggle in the quick settings panel.

Editing videos made easy

If you are a content creator who makes professional YouTube videos or short clips for TikTok or Instagram page, then the in-built video editor of Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite is a gift that keeps on giving. Whether it’s adding transitions or music, overlaying text to give your own take on the clip, or using a filter to set the right tone, the video editor does it all! Add the S Pen to the mix and you will be able to stitch multiple clips together, add doodles or stickers to them, cut scenes, and a whole lot more. The best part? You don’t have to download any app — all of this can be done right from the preloaded Gallery app.

A flagship camera to capture your world

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite sports a triple camera setup on the rear, giving you the perfect tool to shoot the perfect videos whether they are detailed, sharply edited pieces for your YouTube channel or fun quirky videos for TikTok. The camera setup includes a 12MP primary sensor with Dual Pixel technology for crisp images even in low light conditions, an Ultra Wide-angle lens for truly immersive shots, and a telephoto zoom lens that lets you get up close to the subject without compromising on the quality.

This setup is enhanced by Dual Pixel technology, which delivers crisp photos in any lighting condition. Live Focus will give you amazing live bokeh effects for portrait shots and videos. Speaking about videos, the Super Steady mode guarantees shake-free footage even in hi-motion situations. And then there’s the 32MP front camera, which sits in its punch-hole, and delivers crisp, detailed and high-resolution selfies.

Performance that never stops

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite ships with a whopping 4,500mAh battery that never runs out. While this guarantees extensive battery life for the device, the phone’s intelligent Adaptive Power Saving mode extends it even further. It sets the power saving parameters based on your daily usage and optimises the system to deliver the most juice for your daily use. And just in case you end up with low battery in dire situations, the Galaxy Note10 Lite 25W Super Fast Charging capability will ensure that it’s ready to go again in just an hour.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite comes with 128GB of onboard storage. What’s more, the storage will literally never run out — the smartphone supports microSD cards of up to 1TB capacity. When bumped up to its full capacity, the Galaxy Note10 Lite has the capability of storing over 500K Images, 300K Songs or over 500 HD movies. That’s just crazy!

And Samsung has used a powerful Octa-core 10nm processor that handles all the apps and games you throw at it with aplomb. The buttery smooth performance and swift multi-tasking of the Galaxy Note10 Lite is guaranteed with the bundled 8GB RAM. You will never have to worry about running out of memory with the Galaxy Note10 Lite!

Design that complements your style

The design of Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite makes it one of the most elegant and chic smartphones in the market. Up front is the Infinity-O display with a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED panel with full HD+ resolution. The visuals on this display are rich and detailed, with the punch-hole design providing an immersive experience for the perfect video experience. The tiny punch-hole on its top allows the display to spread across the entirety of the front surface to deliver a beautiful full-screen experience. The ultra-fast in-display fingerprint scanner has also made its way into the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite, which helps keep the rear panel as seamless and uninterrupted as can be.

The beautiful design of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite is accentuated by three gorgeous colour options: Aura Glow, Aura Black, and Aura Red. The shimmery Aura Glow sets you apart from the crowd and complements your style thanks to the gradient hue, while the deep black and passionate red hues of Aura Black and Aura Red will deliver a bold and premium look.

Payments made simple

Samsung Pay support is yet another highlight of the device. Just whip out your phone and use it to pay at any Point of Sale — you will never have to worry about NFC or other complicated payment technologies with the Galaxy Note10 Lite.

With features such as these, Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite is truly a PC in your pocket, giving you everything you could need from a smartphone for on-the-go productivity. The stunning design and gorgeous display of Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite too complement its amazing performance, making it the right choice for those looking for the perfect smartphone without burning a hole in their pocket. And privacy will be guaranteed by Knox, the multilayered security platform that thwarts all attempts to hack or tamper with your personal data. Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite truly packs a powerful punch!

From the iconic S Pen and long-lasting battery with Super Fast Charging to video editing on-the-go and a large, immersive display, Samsung is breaking new ground and giving buyers the perfect smartphone for all-day-long productivity and creativity. What’s more, it is speculated that the Galaxy Note10 Lite is slated to be the most affordable Galaxy Note yet at less than 45K. If that is indeed correct, Galaxy Note10 is sure to tower over the competition is this segment. We wait with anticipation to see what the final price will be when Samsung announces it on 21st Jan 2020.