At the recently-concluded Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung took covers off its new flagship Samsung Galaxy Note20 series, the next stage of smartphone evolution. As always seen with the Galaxy Note Series, this year too, the new line-up elevates the smartphone experience. The Note series that you’ve known for more than a decade now transcends to the next stage, the Powerphone.

While the Samsung new Galaxy Note20 packs a massive 6.7-inch sAMOLED display, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra takes things to the next level with its huge 6.9-inch adaptive 120Hz screen refresh rate. Both the phones pack a bucket-load of new features, unmatched performance, and stunning looks – and the Galaxy Note20 Ultra, in particular, is ready for next-generation 5G networks. Samsung has also made big optimisations to improve the battery consumption, power efficiency, and overall performance. The Samsung Galaxy Note20 series powerphones are designed for those who love to work hard and play harder. Want a workhorse that puts the power of a computer in your hand? Or a gaming machine that is made for the biggest RAM-guzzling games? A camera and a video editor on the go? You get all that and a whole lot more with the Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra!

Today, we check out how the latest Galaxy Note20 series smartphones offer an unmatched experience unlike any other – enabled by its focus on impeccable, elegant design, and timeless appeal. We also check out the amazing possibilities that open up with the next-generation S Pen, and how the Galaxy Note20 easily deserves the title of being the world’s thinnest computer.

Form and function: Mystic Bronze turns heads as design takes centre stage

The Galaxy Note line-up has been known for its high-end features and sophisticated design. With the Galaxy Note20 series, the company has gone a step further and managed to deliver, from the ground up, a smartphone designed to impress. But the most talked-about aspect of the design is definitely the new signature Mystic Bronze colour, which offers buyers a premium, refined tone. The colour is elegant and classy in a way that hasn’t been seen in the smartphone market till now – understated yet with a glimmer that catches the eye.

The Mystic Bronze colour option blends effortlessly with any look or style, thereby ensuring that the already distinguished Galaxy Note series elevates itself further from the current crop of me-too smartphones. Moreover, in this avatar, the Galaxy Note 20 series also gets a beautiful contrast of a matte finish back cover and a glossy S Pen that lends it a timeless appeal. This effectively means that when you look at the phone, several years down the line, it will continue to impress you as it did on the first day.

Along with the signature Mystic Bronze, users also get the option to buy the Galaxy Note20 in Mystic Green and the Galaxy Note20 Ultra in Mystic Black colour. These colours make the new Galaxy Note powerphones turn heads wherever you take them and yet remain subtle and understated for a chic yet graceful look.

Customers can choose between the 6.7-inch panel of the Galaxy Note20 or the larger 6.9-inch display that the Galaxy Note20 Ultra gets. Regardless of the option you pick, the Galaxy Note20 series guarantees a display experience unmatched by the competition. What makes this achievement even more remarkable is the fact that Samsung has managed to keep the dimensions of both the phones compact even after incorporating these massive displays. The Galaxy Note20 Ultra features the toughest glass ever used in a smartphone – the brand-new Corning Gorilla Glass Victus. Make no mistake; the new Galaxy Note20 series is as tough as it is beautiful.

Future-proof yourselves with 5G support and Wi-Fi 6

As an owner of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series, the last thing you’ll need to worry about is support for wireless networks in the future. With support for the next-generation Wi-Fi 6, the new Galaxy Note20 series offers complete peace of mind – you will never suffer slow broadband speeds even when there are several devices on the same network, with peak speeds going as high as 1Gbps.

The Galaxy Note20 Ultra takes things a step further and guarantees that you will be able to seamlessly switch to 5G once the high-speed networks are up and running. Besides, you can always enjoy the power of 5G when you roam globally. Apart from the monumental increase in data throughput speeds, 5G networks also ensure that several high bandwidth tasks, including Full HD video calls and high-end online gaming can be performed with minimal latency, leading to an unmatched browsing experience.

S Pen revolutionises the way you work

There is no denying the role that the mighty S Pen has played in making the Galaxy Note series the ultimate productivity tool. While it makes for a great apparatus to let your creativity go wild, the S Pen has also cemented its place as an essential workplace tool that can increase your productivity manifold.

Examples of the S Pen productivity features include the Samsung Notes feature that takes the notepad experience to the next level. With this, you can scribble down your thoughts, take notes, and turn them into text that you can copy-paste on emails, presentations, etc. Then there is the nifty Auto Straighten feature that ensures your notes always look well-aligned and neat.

With the Notes Live Sync feature, your notes get saved automatically across devices and you do not have to worry about saving them anymore. Then there is the awesome Audio Bookmark, which lets you easily sync voice clips and jot down a note, and then lines them up for you when you play them back.

The power of a PC in your palm

The Galaxy Note20 series builds upon the popular DeX platform and extends its capabilities even further. With the new Wireless DeX feature, transforming your Galaxy Note20 series smartphone into a powerful desktop computer is just easier. This marks the single largest upgrade to Samsung DeX ever since its introduction and lets users quickly set up a second screen without worrying about wires and cables. The sheer number of things that can be achieved with Wireless DeX is amazing, and you can enjoy all the content on your Note20 smartphone on the large screen of your TV or computer, while still being able to use your phone normally. With support for up to QHD resolution on external displays, you will always enjoy an uncompromised DeX experience with the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series.

With the mighty useful Link to Windows feature, the Galaxy Note20 can seamlessly connect to your Windows 10 PC. It gives you the magical ability to run all your favourite Android apps on the PC and treat them as regular Windows applications that you can switch between, as you would generally do on a computer. Additionally, this allows users complete access to their phone and messaging functions directly from the PC without the need to even pick up their phone. The Link to Windows feature also lets you easily sync notes, reminders, email, and Microsoft Teams meetings.

Summing it up

Every element of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series – whether it’s the stunning design or the elegant colour options or the very fact that it can transform into a powerful productivity tool in seconds – is aimed at making the lives of people easier and help them achieve more.

Samsung has started taking pre-bookings for the Galaxy Note 20 series in the country through their website and various offline retail stores. Customers can avail the device at a starting price of Rs 64,999 with up to Rs 9000 cashback on HDFC Bank credit cards and up to Rs 10,000 worth Samsung Shop voucher.

It is no surprise, therefore, that the brand-new Galaxy Note20 series devices guarantee an unmatched experience that no other smartphone could possibly offer. That’s why the new Galaxy Note20 series represents the evolution of the smartphone into what it was always meant to be – a powerphone designed for both work and play!