Samsung Galaxy S10 5G variant just as hard to repair as regular model, teardown video suggests

“The 5G variant of the Galaxy S10 series was launched on April 5th in South Korea and will be launched later in other international markets”

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G variant is just as hard to repair as the regular Galaxy S10 if the new handset’s teardown video is to be believed. To recall, in conclusion to the teardown of Galaxy S10, iFixit said that the handset was one of the most difficult handsets to repair and the flagship series (Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+) got a repairability score of just three out of ten, which is incredibly low. In its reasoning, iFixit said that “use of strong adhesive on batteries with the metal mid-frame, the soldered charging port, the internal fingerprint sensor and the thin Infinity display make it very difficult for a screen and battery repairs,” as we mentioned in our earlier report.

In the teardown video of the Galaxy S10 5G, posted by PBKreviews, we can see that the internals of the new phone are almost identical to the regular variant. However, one notable exception is the presence of an additional connector to the motherboard. As there is no certainty about this unused connector’s purpose, it will be interesting to see if any of the carriers will make use of this connector or leave it unused.


In terms of specifications, the 5G variant of the phone ships with a large 6.7-inch screen (with a 19:9 screen aspect ratio), compared with a 6.4-inch panel on the Galaxy S10+. Then there is an addition of a camera sensor on the back. The handset comes with a beefy 4,500 mAh battery capacity. Rest of the specifications for the phone are the same, including the processor, biometric sensors, and IP rating. With the unboxing pictures posted on social media, we recently found out that the 5G variant of the phone ships with a brand new 25W fast-charging adaptor, a USB-C to USB-C cable, and AKG-tuned earphones.