Samsung Galaxy S5 camera review: a taste of its 16MP Camera

“Samsung Galaxy S5 camera samples”

As one of its major selling points, the Samsung Galaxy S5 boasts of a new camera technology that offers better colours along with a wider contrast range. Here are a few sample images captured using the Galaxy S5’s primary 16-megapixel shooter, showcasing its image quality using some of the features available including HDR, macro, burst mode, long shot and selective focus as well. We’ll be bringing you an analysis of the camera performance as part of our full review, of course, but going by these images, it’d be safe to say that Samsung’s latest flagship does have a versatile and very capable camera. Click on the images to view them in full resolution. 

Close up

Samsung Galaxy camera review: close up shot

The images above zoomed in at about 300 percent

Samsung Galaxy camera review: zoom shot

Long shot

Samsung Galaxy camera review: Long shot

Long shot (halo of moon captured during day time) zoomed at 300 percent

Close up of moon

Indoor shot in normal light


Indoor shot in low light


Indoor shot with flash in low light


Selective focus in action


Burst mode (four consecutive shots)

Burst Mode 1
Burst Mode 2
Burst Mode 3
Burst Mode 4

HDR mode On


HDR mode Off


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