Samsung Neo QLED TVs bring premium picture quality and unparalleled sound experience right to your living rooms

TVs have always been an integral part of our daily lives and with the rise of OTT platforms and upcoming events such as the FIFA World Cup & T20 World Cup’22, many of us are looking for a big upgrade. However, choosing a new TV can be hard as users want excellent picture quality, uncompromising sound quality, smart features that enable their TV to sync up with other devices in their smart homes, and even features that are gaming-centric. While finding all these features in a single TV can look like an impossible task on surface, this is where the new range of Samsung Neo QLED TVs steps in. This Neo QLED TV range features crème de la crème of the latest technologies available in the market and offers options in both 4K and 8K resolution.

The Samsung Neo QLED TV range includes 85-inch, 75-inch, 65-inch, 55-inch, and 50-inch screen size options. Not only do these TVs bring market-leading picture quality but they’ve also been equipped with the highest-end sound specifications, amazing smart features, and even traits that offer the ultimate gaming performance.

Recently, Samsung’s new TVC did a great job of highlighting the class-leading picture quality of Neo QLED TVs. It features India’s first international Skiing medalist, Aanchal Takur. The visuals of her skiing down a snow-capped mountain are meant to showcase the kind of details that the Neo OLED TVs are capable of rendering. With a whopping 100 million lights that highlight every single detail, the shots of snow particles flying through the air while skiing can be seen in a manner like never before. The high-resolution Neo QLED display even manages to distinctively show the individual hair strands of the arctic wolf with utmost clarity.

If you’re already excited about these TVs after watching the commercial, you would be glad to know that there are huge deals available on these TVs as part of the Big TV Festival. We’ll share more on this later but for now, let’s go over the technologies that make all these products, especially the QN90B (85, 75, 65, 55, and 50-inch) models, the most desirable TVs to buy this shopping season.

True-to-life picture quality for a window to a whole new world

Picture quality is the most important aspect for any consumer who is in the market looking for a new TV. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that any other feature in a TV is secondary to picture quality as it can make or break any model. Modern users demand great HDR performance, deep blacks, and high brightness from their TV panels but as the TV industry is constantly evolving at a fast rate, it is important to understand the technology that enables exceptional picture quality and the display panel type that delivers top-notch visuals.

is the keyword here if you wish to understand what makes these Samsung QN90B TVs special. These TVs feature Quantum Mini LEDs that are 1/40th the size of normal LEDs. This enables them to offer segment-leading brightness. While that’s what the Quantum Matrix Technology Pro technology is all about, these TVs also benefit from Adaptive Light Control. With this feature, these TVs can precisely control the areas of the screen that need to get bright without affecting the areas that need to remain dark. This level of control over select areas of the screen and enhanced contrast allows these TVs to deliver unparalleled HDR performance.

While display type is extremely important, the processor at the heart of these TVs from the Samsung Neo QLED QN90B range is also responsible for delivering breathtaking visuals. These TVs ship with Neural Quantum Processor 4K that has a Real Depth Enhancer, which essentially upscales content to 4K quality. As watching low-quality content on a high-resolution panel can be frustrating, the Real Depth Enhancer is the real reason you can rest assured that these screens will give you the best possible output, no matter what you’re watching on them.

The Real Depth Enhancer uses AI that analyses and enhances images by object area detection. This enhanced viewing experience is complemented by EyeComfort Mode, which not only reduces the blue light but also optimizes the overall brightness levels for you to have uninterrupted quality sleep. It does this by acquiring local weather data and sunset/sunrise timings.

Cinematic surround sound that achieves an unprecedented level of immersion

One of the most crucial aspects of any TV that aims to deliver the ultimate multimedia experience is sound. Without the high-quality audio experience, the cinematic experience that most customers strive for would simply be incomplete. While conventional TVs offer sound just through a connected soundbar, Samsung changed the game with the brand’s unique Q-Symphony technology that utilises speakers from both the Q-Series soundbar and the TV. As the TV offers speakers on the top and the sides, this tech enables an extremely immersive and cinematic surround sound experience.

However, the new TVs from the Samsung Neo QLED QN90B
range have another trick up their sleeves. For the first time for Samsung TVs, these models ship with support for Wireless Dolby Atmos. Yes, you read that right! With these TVs, you can enjoy Dolby Atmos wirelessly when paired with Samsung’s Q series soundbar, as long as you have a WiFi network available.

On top of this unparalleled 3D surround sound, the QN90B series models also come with the Object Tracking Sound+ technology that recognises people and objects on the screen and delivers the sound from appropriate directions on the basis of these movements of objects on the screen. Overall, these technologies work combine to offer users a surround sound experience that is convenient (absence of cables), immersive (combination of TV speakers and soundbar), and innovative (brand’s object-tracking technology). If you’re looking for the best audio experience from your TV, you don’t need to look further than the new range of Neo QLED TVs from Samsung.

Not just a smart TV, this is the smart hub

Just like other TVs from the Neo QLED range, the QN90B models also ship with the feature-packed Samsung Smart Hub experience. More than anything, this interface guarantees that all your favourite content, smart features, and settings are displayed and made accessible in the most intuitive manner. One of the most impressive features of the Samsung QN90B TVs is that these models can act as the central hub for your smart home devices. With a built-in IoT Hub, these TVs let you control other smart home devices remotely. With the Home Map feature on these TVs, you can have a look at all the smart home devices in one place and control them as you want. With the benefit of a large display, it is easier than ever to control and manage other smart home devices through the Samsung QN90B TVs.

Samsung QNB90 Living room

Sure, video calls work perfectly on our smartphones but they’re a whole new deal when experienced on the big screen. Samsung Neo QLED QN90B models can be combined with the compact and stylish Samsung SlimFit Cam for video calling or web conferences on the big TV screen. Thanks to its magnetic design, this discreet gadget is easily attachable and offers a wide 90-degree field of view.

Gamer’s Paradise

Playing demanding fast-paced games on TVs was almost considered impossible a few years back and most players preferred monitors with high refresh rate displays over these TVs. However, times have changed and how. The Neo QLED QN90B models from Samsung offer up to a whopping 144Hz refresh rate. This means that you can play and even win first-person shooter games on these gorgeous large display TVs without facing any lags or stutters.

Thanks to the Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro technology, the models in this series offer up to 144Hz refresh rate with variable refresh rate. As these TVs ship with all HDMI 2.1 ports, you can rest assured that the eye-popping 4K visuals in the game will appear to you exactly how the game developers intended them to be with no loss of data and high transfer speeds.

One of the gaming features that deserve a special shoutout here is Game Bar 2.0. With Game Bar 2.0, you can monitor your gaming status and optimise game settings extremely easy to make sure you get the best performance.

Samsung QNB90 Gaming

Gaming features offered by the QN90B models that will really delight gamers are Zoom-in mode and Ultra-wide Multi view, which essentially allow you to get a mini-map of specific areas and see extra content on screen, respectively. With smooth transitions, dedicated features for gaming, and excellent hardware, Samsung QN90B models will be a delight to play on for any gamer.

Samsung Big TV Sale

Now that you know all the amazing features offered by the QN90B models, you would be itching to buy this TV. You would be glad to know that the timing couldn’t have been better as the Big TV Festival is live right now and there are some really terrific deals that you can take advantage of if you’re buying yourself a Samsung Neo QLED TV. As a part of the Big TV Festival, you can get up to 20 percent additional cashback, a free Galaxy S22 Ultra (worth Rs 1,09,999) or a free Galaxy A32 (worth Rs 21,490) depending on your purchase, and up to 5 years of warranty. The EMIs start at Rs 990. You can check out all the models here.