Samsung patent hints at a unique rollable smartphone

“In its extended state, the screen size of the smartphone would be almost three times larger than it is in the compact form”

Samsung recently patented a new foldable phone design with a unique hinge that slides out when the phone is folded out, with the main display placed on the outside. Now, the South Korean giant has filed for another patent on June 11th, 2019 that was published in the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office) database under the title “Display Device.” The patent consists of 27 sketches with a retractable display. The phone’s display can be automatically rolled up and unrolled. Once pulled out, the screen size is almost three times larger than it is in the compact form.

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Furthermore, when rolled up, the handset seems to have a wider screen and border on both the top and bottom. Apart from the usual components such as the camera and receiver, the device also includes a drive motor for the rolling mechanism. The rounded frame borders are extendable given that they also feature the rolling mechanism. The flexible screen is supported by moving rails, and Samsung has bundled slots so that they are equally proportionate and fit together when the phone is rolled up again. However, there’s very little space left in the housing for other necessary components such as the battery. 

Coincidentally, Samsung had demonstrated a similar flexible design, as described in the patent at the SID Display Week back in 2016. The prototype showcases a rolling screen that could be pulled out to the side. It had a 5.7-inch full HD display with 386ppi. The flexible screen was only 0.3 mm thick, weighed 5 grams and had a roll radius of 10. Given how Samsung is still working on fixing issues with the Galaxy Fold, it remains to be seen how durable and sustainable the new flexible design will be if it ever becomes a reality.