Samsung Student Advantage Program is back with the best deals you can get on phones, laptops, and more

It’s that time of the year when schools and colleges are about to re-open. For students, it is the time to buy new books, dresses, and gadgets that can help them in their studies and enable them to complete assignments and projects efficiently. To make purchasing gadgets easier and more affordable, Samsung has brought back its popular Student Advantage Program. This program is currently offering exclusive jaw-dropping deals in several product categories for students. The sale has already gone live, and with the lucrative gadget deals available, students can now look forward to working smarter rather than harder. With the all-new Galaxy Tabs, students can conveniently work on their class projects while the Galaxy laptops and smartphones can help them enhance their productivity. If you are a student yourself, or looking to buy for your children/siblings, this might be the best opportunity for you to get your desired gadget. Let us share the best deals you can get from the Samsung student advantage program right now.

Great discounts on Galaxy S and Galaxy A series smartphones

As part of the Student Advantage Program, Samsung is offering mouth-watering offers on the Galaxy S and Galaxy A series smartphones — the best handsets from the brand currently available in the market. Beginning with the Samsung Galaxy S series, the latest and greatest flagship Galaxy S22 series, which includes the mighty Galaxy S22 Ultra as well as the powerful Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22, is available with a 5 percent discount.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Similarly, you can avail a 5 percent discount on the brand’s best-selling Galaxy S series Fan Edition phones – Samsung Galaxy S21FE and Galaxy S20FE. But that is not all, Samsung is covering all price points in this program. The company is offering a 5 percent discount on some amazing Samsung Galaxy A series smartphones such as Galaxy A73 5G, Galaxy A53 5G, and Galaxy A33 5G as well. These new handsets from the Galaxy A series come with a fresh design, improved cameras, and are available in exciting new colours options too.

Exciting deals on laptops

For students, laptops are extremely useful gadgets as they can be used for studying, working, or even entertainment. With the portability aspect, laptops have now become a crucial part of modern students’ lives. For students who are looking to complete college or school assignments on a brand new laptop, Samsung is offering a massive 10 percent discount on its amazing new Galaxy Book2 series, which offers slim and lightweight laptops that are ideal to get things done on the go.

Samsung Galaxy Book2

However, what makes these laptops an even better deal is that these Samsung Galaxy Book2 models are powered by the latest Intel 12th Gen processors. These laptops also pack a slew of handy features such as high-resolution displays, lightweight designs, and long-lasting battery life. You can also grab the Samsung Galaxy Book Go and the Galaxy Book2 at a 10 percent discounted price as part of the Student Advantage Program.

Irresistible deals on Galaxy Tab A series

For some tasks, a smartphone’s display isn’t large enough, and a laptop could prove to be a little too big. In these scenarios, tablets are the best option for students. With the Student Advantage program, Samsung is offering some irresistible deals on its Galaxy Tab series. You can get Galaxy Tab A7 Lite at a 5 percent discount right now. Galaxy Tab A7 Lite comes with a massive 5,100mAh battery, Dolby Atmos support, Samsung Knox security, and Smart PC sync support. For students, the availability of these features at such an attractive price point cannot be overstated.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

The flagship Galaxy Tab S series tablets – Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy Tab S6 Lite – are also available as part of this program with a 5 percent discount. The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite features a massive 7,040mAh battery and offers Dolby Atmos support. The tablet also comes with S pen support, which means you can use the best productivity tool on the market with this tablet. The Galaxy Tab S8, on the other hand, has a WQXGA display that gets its fuel from an 8,000mAh battery. It comes with S Pen support and a camera capable of capturing up to 4K videos at 30fps. With long-lasting battery life and the most efficient productivity tool on the market — S Pen, these tablets are a perfect buy for any student.

Awesome deals on Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Smart Watches

A student’s life can get extremely busy with classes and an active lifestyle. This is one of the primary reasons why wearables are becoming an extremely popular choice among students. Whether it is tracking fitness activities with a smartwatch or living a tangle-free life with truly wireless earphones, Samsung wearables go the extra mile to not only meet the needs of students but exceed their expectations. With the Student Advantage Program, you can get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 with a 10 percent discount. This smartwatch keeps track of your sleep, measures your oxygen levels, and tracks your progress towards your health goals.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2

Speaking of fitness, if you want to tune out the noise at the gym, the Galaxy Buds2 with an attractive 10 percent discount are a stellar deal. Whether it’s gym noise or the clash of city traffic, these earbuds deliver an immersive music experience with two-way dynamic speakers. As wearables can also act as a fashion statement for students, this is the perfect chance for you to grab the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Buds2, as these are two of the best-looking wearables on the market right now.

Improve the quality of your work with unbelievable deals on monitors

Students who have to do multitasking on a regular basis would agree that having an additional monitor hooked up to your laptop can boost productivity to another level. Samsung has a wide range of monitors in its portfolio suitable for all kinds of requirements: gaming, ultrawide, curved, and smart monitors. Samsung is currently offering up to 8 percent discount on all types of monitors. These monitors will not only help you get things done quickly but also add an aesthetically pleasing look to your setup.

Samsung M8 Monitor

The ultrawide monitors from the brand are best for students to attend lectures and take notes at the same time by splitting the display and multitasking. On the lighter side, the gaming range of the Samsung monitor offers a super speedy display with crazy 120Hz refresh rates and a 1ms response time. As Samsung makes some of the best panels in the market that offer incredible colour accuracy and impressive contrast ratio, this is the best chance for you to grab a monitor from the brand’s amazing lineup.

How to avail these amazing student discounts?

Students can visit Samsung’s official website and log in with a student email address. You’ll see an option to enter student email ID, where you’ve to put in your institute/college credentials. Alternatively, you can visit the student identify website, upload your student ID and get verification to avail these discounts. Students can also visit nearby Samsung Experience stores to look at these items and take advantage of these discounts. In this case, you will again need to share your college email ID with the store staff during the billing to take get these discounts. To connect to your nearest store, WhatsApp “Student” to 9870494949. Now that you know how to get your hands on these amazing products at these incredible prices, make the most of the Samsung Student Advantage Program and get ready for school or college in the best possible way.