Samsung T7 Shield Portable SSD overview: compact, fast, rugged

A closer look at Samsung's new portable SSD

Content creators, especially those that work with 3D graphics or video editing, usually need lots of compute power. However, if there’s one thing they can never have enough of, it’s storage. And not just copious amounts of storage… fast and reliable storage. That’s exactly where external SSDs come in. Anyone who knows even a little about computer storage will tell you that SSDs are significantly faster and way more reliable than hard drives, even though the cost per GB is much higher. And Samsung’s T7 Shield Portable Solid State Drive just ups the ante in almost all aspects.

First and foremost, it promises fast data transfer speeds – up to 1,050 MB/sec sequential read and up to 1,000 MB/sec write speeds. And sure enough, I was able to verify these figures when I ran CrystalDiskMark to test out the read and write speeds.

Next, the device is quite compact….being roughly the size of a credit card (though much thicker at 13mm), and tipping the scales at less than 100 grams, extremely lightweight too. And yet, the drive is actually rugged. It’s designed to withstand drops from a height of 3 meters and is IP65 rated for resistance to dust and water. The device also boasts high levels of reliability when it comes to surviving extreme temperatures, humidity, shock, and vibration.

Losing data can be a painful experience, and the T7 Shield’s ability to keep their precious content safe from the elements and mishaps should be able to provide some much-needed peace of mind to creative professionals. Speaking of, the contents of the drive can also be encrypted with AES 256-bit hardware encryption using the provided Samsung Portable SSD software to ensure the data stays safe from prying eyes in case the drive gets stolen or lost. 

The T7 Shield uses the USB 3.2 Gen2 standard, and the box includes two cables — a Type A to Type C, and a C to C cable as well. This ensures wide compatibility, ensuring the drive works with not just PCs and Macs, but Android devices as well. So you can use the drive with your Android smartphone or tablet too, a feature that could prove to be a boon when you’re out and about. 

Samsung is offering the T7 Shield in 1TB and 2TB capacities, priced at Rs 12,999 and Rs 22,999 respectively, carrying a warranty of three years. Available colour options include beige, black and blue. I think given everything the device brings to the table, especially the fast data transfer speeds, along with the reliability and security features, those looking for a portable external storage device should definitely consider it.