Samsung updates Global Goals app in partnership with United Nations Development Program

Samsung Global Goals app is now updated to provide Samsung user's different ways to contribute to society.

  • The Samsung Global Goals app is an educational and donation-based mobile application.
  • Users through this app can engage with short ads to generate revenue and use wallpapers to increase ad earnings while the phone is charging.
  • The Samsung Global Goals App is currently installed in over 170 million devices worldwide.

Samsung Global Goals app, which was launched in 2019, has now been updated in partnership with United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to offer simple ways to help raise awareness about the Global Goals. The app through its Galaxy series of smartphone users helps to create change through direct donations or something as simple as earning revenue through an advertisement.

Samsung Global Goals app helps its users to contribute to causes close to their hearts with just some clicks on their Galaxy devices.

The Samsung Global Goals App will also be supported by actor Alia Bhatt to contribute to various causes through the Samsung Global Goals app. Through the app Samsung also wants its core users to become a part of the greater good by donating to various developmental projects. These projects include educating young women, feeding school children, protecting children’s rights, and supporting Covid struck families through UPI(Unified Payment Interface).

In a statement given by Samsung’s brand ambassador and Global Goals app supporter Alia Bhatt, she said that “I am proud to stand with Samsung to help people have easy access to contribute to Global Goals and to be able to bring about a change with the help of technology. This partnership with Samsung is a collective effort to help. I am very sure that together, we will leverage our resources and scale-up efforts to raise funds that will be donated to India relevant causes through the Samsung Global Goals app.”

“At Samsung, we believe in using the power of technology to address the world’s most pressing challenges. The updated Samsung Global Goals app will now provide Galaxy smartphone users in India, including Gen Z and millennial users, an easy way to learn about the Global Goals and support causes in India that are most important to them. The app furthers our vision of Powering Digital India that aims to empower the next generation of young India,” Partha Ghosh, Vice President & Head, Corporate Citizenship, Samsung India, also said.

The app offers a range of ways to give back to society through donations and education.  To help maximize the impact of these small acts, Samsung matches all proceeds through in-app advertisements. Samsung Global Goals App is currently installed in 170 million devices around the world, making it the largest charity app in the world

We really hope Samsung through such initiatives helps in the global betterment of all sectors and societies. So far, the app has helped in raising USD 1.5 million for the different Global Goals.