Screen record on iPhone: How to record your screen on iPhone 14, 13, 12 series, and more

A quick guide on how to capture a screen recording on an iPhone

Screen recording on iPhones are available since iOS 11’s launch back in 2017. So, if you are an iPhone 5s or later user you can capture everything that is going on on the screen in an mp4 file. This file can then be shared with others via Bluetooth, messaging app, or social media platforms. The screen recording feature on iPhone comes in handy when you want to give a step-by-step walkthrough of the software or a particular app. If you are wondering how this feature works, we have got you covered. 

In this guide, we have laid out procedures on how to enable the screen recording feature on iPhone, capture the screen in a video, and even edit it later once the recording is saved.

How to enable screen recording on your iPhone

In order to screen record the contents on your iPhone, you’ll first have to enable the screen recording option from Settings. Once that’s done, creating a video of the displayed content is just a button away. Here’s how to enable screen recording on iPhone via Settings app:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Now select ‘Control Center’
    Enable screen recording on iPhone
  • Scroll down and under ‘More controls’ section, tap on the green ‘+’ beside the ‘Screen Recording’ option
    Enable screen recording on iPhone (1)
  • Pull down the Control Center (or pull up from the bottom of the screen on iPhones with a home button) and a ‘disc-like’ icon should be visible. That is the toggle to record the screen

How to screen record on an iPhone

Once the screen record button has been added in the Control Center, now you can go ahead and record your iPhone’s screen. Here’s how.

  • Firstly, go to the Control Center by swiping down (iPhone X or later) or up (iPhone 8 or earlier)
  • Now tap the ‘Screen record’ button and 3-second countdown will begin before your phone starts recording
    Take screen recording on iPhone (1)
  • Once the recording starts, it will be indicated by a red pill at the top left corner where the time is displayed.
  • Once you are done with the screen recording, simply tap on the red pill (time) to stop and save the recording in the Gallery. Alternatively, you can also end the recording by tapping the same record button in the Control Center.

How to screen record with external audio on an iPhone

One can also record their own voice through the iPhone’s microphone while recording the screen. This can come in handy when explaining something or the other through your iPhone’s screen. Here’s how to enable the microphone to record external audio in a screen recording.

  • Open the Control Center on your iPhone
  • Now tap and hold on the ‘Screen Record’ button and a popup menu should appear
  • At the bottom, tap the ‘Microphone’ icon
    Record external audio with screen recording on iPhone
  • Lastly, select the ‘Start Recording’ option and your recording will begin while capturing the voice as you speak
    Record external audio with screen recording on iPhone

Since the mic will also capture unwanted sounds from your surroundings, ensure you’re in a quiet environment before hitting the record button on your iPhone.

How to open and edit a screen recording on iPhone

All the screen recordings on iPhone are saved in the Photos app through which one can easily edit them. Here’s how

  • Open the screen recording from the Photos app
  • Now on the top right corner, select ‘Edit’
    How to edit screen recordings on iPhone
  • From here, you can trim the video, add a filter, and even rotate it as per your preference
  • Once done, select ‘Done’ and either tap ‘Save Video as New Clip’ to create a separate file or ‘Save Video’ to make the changes in the current video itself
    How to edit screen recordings on iPhone


1. How to improve screen recordings on your iPhone?

There are several ways to create good quality and interruption-free screen recordings on an iPhone.

  • Turn on Do Not Disturb – To avoid unexpected notifications and calls, turn on the Do Not Disturb mode while recording the screen on your iPhone
  • Use an external microphone – In case you are creating content for an audience, using an external microphone can significantly improve the audio quality
  • Lock iPhone’s orientation – Turn off auto-rotation to avoid disruptions while screen recording. Else, the video output may be in different orientations

2. How to screen record on an iPad?

The process to capture a screen recording on an iPad is the same as iPhone. Users will first have to add the screen recording button in the Control Center in order to record the screen.

3. Why is there no sound when I Screen Record a video on my iPhone?

Here are some workarounds in case there is no sound when screen recording on an iPhone:

  • Ensure the microphone is on – In order to record your own voice, ensure the microphone toggle is on by long pressing the screen record button in the Control Center
  • Volume is turned on – To record system and in-app sounds, increase the volume to a higher level to the point it is audible
  • Restart the iPhone – At times a quick restart may help get things back to normal on an iPhone

4. Can I screen record WhatsApp video calls with audio on iPhone?

Yes, the in-built screen recording feature on an iPhone can be used to record WhatsApp video calls.

5. Can you screen record on WhatsApp without them knowing?

The person on the other end won’t be indicated or notified in case you record the screen during a WhatsApp chat or video call.