You will soon be able to send images in original resolution on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp for Android is also expected to get the feature.

  • WhatsApp Web may soon allow users to share images in full resolution
  • Sharing full resolution photos is also expected to come to WhatsApp for Android soon
  • Currently, WhatsApp compresses photos to save space

WhatsApp Web users are in for a treat as a new report suggests that the option to toggle and share images in their original quality is soon coming to the platform. This comes right after reports claimed that WhatsApp for Android will get this feature in future software updates. In an attempt to take on rival messaging and social-sharing apps, WhatsApp is working on this new toggle feature, which is expected to make its way to beta versions of the Android and Web versions of the app.

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The report by WABetaInfo, known for its highly accurate WhatsApp feature reporting, claims that this new feature is currently under development as seen in the screenshot shared by the publication.

whatsapp web original resolution WABetaInfo
Image credit: WABetaInfo

This feature will help users preserve the original resolution and clarity of the image they intended to share, thus maintaining its quality for printing purposes. However, the report also mentions that you will still be able to use the existing compressed version of your image, in an attempt to save space and decrease upload time.

The feature to share original resolution images on WhatsApp Web is expected in the new few updates for the app. However, the report has not mentioned the build number for the same. A previous report revealed that WhatsApp for Android has gotten this feature in the update.

Notably, WhatsApp is planning a plethora of new and exciting features for 2023, in an attempt to take on rivals such as Telegram, Discord, and Signal. Users have already seen features like a dedicated video mode, voice status capabilities, private audience selector, and status profile rings on WhatsApp in 2023. In terms of what’s coming next, you can expect companion mode, view once text, PiP for video calls on iOS, pinned message capabilities, business directory, and the ability to share up to 100 media files in one message.