Made-in-India game Silly World gets over 300,000 pre-registrations for Squid Game-inspired modes

SuperGaming is teasing Squid Game-inspired modes for Silly World.

  • SuperGaming’s Silly World has gathered over 300,000 pre-registrations for upcoming Squid Game-inspired modes.
  • SuperGaming has recently teased Red Light, Green Light for Silly World.
  • Squid Royale release date is expected to be announced soon.

MaskGun developer SuperGaming is teasing new Squid Game-inspired modes for Silly World. After Free Fire added Red Light, Green Light, it isn’t surprising to see more games add modes from the most popular Netflix series right now, Squid Game. The high-stakes environment of games from Squid Game feels appropriate in intense multiplayer titles like Silly World and Free Fire. In anticipation of the new content, over 300,000 players have pre-registered for Squid Royale modes.

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What you can expect from Squid Royale games

Silly World’s take on Squid Game is called Squid Royale. SuperGaming has already teased Red Light, Green Light from the first episode of Squid Game. Along with Red Light, Green Light, Silly World is expected to add even more games from Squid Game including Tug of War, Dalgona Cookie, and more. It’s worth noting that this information is speculative, so it should be taken with a grain of salt. SuperGaming is expected to share official details about Silly World’s Squid Royale game modes, as well as its release date soon.

What is Silly World?

Silly World is a made-in-India online multiplayer game developed by SuperGaming, which supports up to 12 players. Players can create their own Silly Avatar and play as Silly or Devil in Hide N Seek and Murder Mystery modes, or as a Cop or Robber in the Jail Break mode. The game features voice chat and emoticons to help you communicate better with other players.

Silly World is free to download via Google Play Store and App Store.