7 reasons smartphones can explode (and how to stop that from happening)

Smart as they are, smartphones – however premium they may be – are susceptible to exploding batteries. Remember the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco that left Samsung red-faced and forced to recall millions of units following over 35 cases of the smartphone exploding? Things haven’t stopped there – every now and again we hear reports of the phone, irrespective of the manufacturer, catching fire or bursting. In some cases, the incident has even claimed the life of the users. So to be on the safe side, here are 7 reasons why smartphones explode and what you should do to avoid them:

While the frequency of smartphones going up on flames may have reduced significantly, you still need to be cautious. General warning signs that your battery is damaged and could explode include swelling, a hissing sound, or popping. In addition to this, make sure you’re using the first-party charger, avoiding long spells of charging, and keeping the phone away from water – especially if it’s not water-resistant. Do not charge the phone when it’s extremely hot and keep it under the pillow or anywhere near the head while it’s charging.