This is Sony’s new DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5

The new PS5 controller features a dual-tone colour, adaptive triggers and haptic feedback

  • The new DualSense controller gets adaptive triggers and a new haptic feedback mechanism
  • It finally upgrades to USB-C interface, and for the first time has an integrated mic
  • The overall DualSense design is more rounded, with smoother edges and beefier grip

Sony has officially released the new controller for its upcoming PlayStation 5, and it is no longer called DualShock. Instead, the new generation PlayStation has made way for the Sony DualSense, and the latter brings with itself a host of changes both on the inside and outside. The DualSense controller retains the overall layout of the DualShock 4, but now offers a more rounded overall design, rounded control buttons and a beefier grip, among other things. It also comes in a new dual-tone colour finish in a combination of white and black along with blue accents.

The biggest changes in the new controller come in the form of a new haptic feedback engine that replaces the older rumble vibration technology, hence making game feedback more accurate and sharper. The triggers on the back are now adaptive, which means that the level of feedback from the buttons are adjusted in tune with different games and in-game situations. This, Sony hopes, would give a more realistic feel to gaming, be it shooters, or racing, or even sports.


The other big update to the controller is the addition of an integrated microphone, which shows Sony’s clear intent behind pushing for a more online-first gaming approach. With a microphone being an integral part of eSports, the new DualSense will make way for more online games to come to the PlayStation platform. The controller also finally moves to a USB-C port, which was a much-awaited and expected move. The other most obvious change are in the aesthetics, which see the Sony DualSense take on an Xbox-esque design.

The hand grip is now chunkier, with the entire design language being more rounded, with lesser angular edges. The D-pad and the game buttons are now more rounded, and the overall symmetric layout of the joysticks and buttons still remain. The PS button is now a cutout of the PlayStation logo, and the previous ‘Share’ button has been rechristened as ‘Create’. Sony has stated that through ‘Create’, it is looking at gaming content creators to generate more interesting content, but more details are yet to be revealed.

The clickable touchpad remains where it always was, although now, the underlaid light has been realigned to fill up the sides of the controller. The effect, at least on photos, is quite appealing. While it all looks good on paper, what now remains to be seen is exactly how ergonomic the controller turns out to be. After all, the long term ergonomics is what signifies a good controller. As of now, Sony has not revealed prices of the DualSense controller, which should be announced in line with the launch of the PlayStation 5.