Next Sony PS5 India restock will reportedly be in June

You will be able to purchase Sony PS5 in India as soon as next month.

  • The timeline for the next PS5 India restock has been revealed.
  • The PS5 went on pre-order in India yesterday and it will start shipping to customers from June 7th.
  • The next PS5 pre-order is expected in June.

The PS5 pre-order in India kicked off earlier this year. As expected, the gaming console was sold out within minutes, seconds even, during its first sale in the country. Since then, the PS5 has gone on sale a couple of times in the Indian market and has sold out in a matter of seconds in each and every one of them. The latest PS5 India restock was held yesterday. As you might expect, stocks disappeared within minutes this time as well. Due to to the shortage of stocks, many people haven’t been able to get their hands on Sony’s newest gaming console. Well, there is some good news for fans in India as its next PS5 India restock timeline has been revealed.

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Next PS5 India restock scheduled for June 2021

According to a new report from IGN India, the next PS5 India restock is being planned for next month itself (June 2021). Considering that the PS5 units that were sold in India yesterday will start shipping in June, this would be the first time that the gaming console will ship to customers twice in one month in the country. According to the report, the next restock of PS5 will have one and a half or two times more units on offer compared to its first sale which reportedly had only around 4,000 units.

The publication claims that the PS5 Digital Edition will be available in higher quantities next month compared to the two previous restocks. Along with it, there will also be more accessories on offer including the Pulse 3D headset. This is great news for PS5 fans in India who haven’t been able to get their hands on the gaming console. Considering the latest report from IGN India, it looks like the situation with the PS5 stocks is finally improving in the Indian market.

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