Sound One 10,000mAh power bank launched in India, priced at Rs 999

“The new Sound One 10,000mAh power bank is roughly the size of a credit card and features dual USB ports to let you charge devices simultaneously”

Accessories brand Sound One has launched a new power bank in India. The power bank packs a 10,000mAh battery and is touted to be the slimmest and most compact power bank from the brand yet. The Sound One 10,000mAh power bank is priced in India at Rs 999 and comes in two colour options: black and white. Interested users can purchase it from and other retail outlets across the country.

Sound One Power Bank image

Talking about the specifications, the Sound One 10,000mAh power bank is as big as a credit card and is compatible with smartphones, music players, tablets, portable speakers, etc. It employs a high-density Li-Po battery with a smart power management feature. The accessory can be fully charged in around 6 hours using a 2A wall charger and features six-level protection from short circuits, current and voltage overloads, and protection against overheating and wrong insertion.

The Sound One 10,000mAh Power Bank has a single input charging option of micro USB. It has two output sockets, which according to the company, provides a charge of up to DC 5V – 2.1A. The power bank also comes with LED Indicators to find the status of charge, ensuring you know exactly how much juice is left.