Stuffcool 5,000mAh Magnetic Wireless Powerbank PB9063W review: a useful accessory

Stuffcool's new wireless magnetic powerbank is a handy accessory to have

Raise your hands if like me, you think a power bank is a vital accessory to have on your person when out and about. As far as I’m concerned, I rarely ever venture out without one, especially when I’m travelling or when I know I won’t be getting back home before late evening. And if you’re an iPhone user like me, Stuffcool’s latest magnetic power bank is an absolute must-have I think.

For a compact little device, the Stuffcool 5,000mAh Magnetic Wireless Powerbank PB9063W does come across as an impressive multitasker, and if you haven’t realised it already, quite a mouthful too. First and foremost, it’s a power bank that charges compatible handsets at up to 15W speeds wirelessly. And since it’s magnetic, it attaches to the back of MagSafe iPhones, making things quite convenient on the move. Of course, it has wired charging as well and can juice up devices at up to 20W via its Type C port. Wirelessly, compatible phones can be charged at up to 15W, while iPhones can be charged at 7.5W. Passthrough charging is supported as well, so you can juice up the powerboat while it charges your phone.

Next, the power bank can charge your Apple Watch too… which is very a handy feature to have I think. The watch module on the device juices up your Apple Watch at 2W speeds. Adding another feather to its already well-adorned cap, the power bank works as a stand for your iPhone too, thanks to the leather flap that turns into a kickstand.

Of course, you can’t use the kickstand if you’re using the powerbank to charge your watch, but if you’re using it with your iPhone, you can easily prop it up and set it up to charge while you’re working on your laptop, using your phone to view videos (the stand can be used with your phone in horizontal orientation too), or just placing it on your nightstand to retire for the night.

The kickstand isn’t even the power bank’s best feature if you ask me. It looks like a fair bit of thought has gone into the device, since apart from the Type-C port (that acts as both input and output), the base of the unit even has a Lightning port. You can use this to charge up the power bank instead of the Type-C port, meaning you don’t need to carry any extra cable on your trips — just your iPhone’s Lightning cable is enough to power both your phone and the power bank.

That’s not to say that the Stuffcool 5,000mAh Magnetic Wireless Powerbank doesn’t have any downsides. Its 5,000mAh battery capacity is on the lower side, and you should also know that wireless charging isn’t as efficient as wired charging. This means that while the power bank can charge an iPhone 14 Pro fully once, it can only charge the same handset up to 80 percent battery levels if used in wireless mode, The small capacity does help in keeping the size and weight of the power bank low, so that’s good. Moreover, the white shade the power bank comes in gets dirty and smudged within a few hours of use, and is unavoidable since the device is supposed to be carried around in pockets and bags when not in use.


For its asking price of Rs 3,999, the Stuffcool 5,000mAh Magnetic Wireless Powerbank PB9063W makes for a compelling buy I think, especially if you’re the proud owner of an iPhone and an Apple Watch, and need to juice up your devices on the go. The kickstand is just a bonus, and add the overall utility of the device.

Editor’s rating: 4 / 5


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Also charges Apple Watch
  • Doubles up as a stand
  • Lightning port option for charging


  • Small battery capacity
  • White shade gets dirty quickly