Thousand words: how to use FM radio on the BlackBerry Q5, Q10 and Z30

“As you know, a picture is worth a thousand words. Join us, as we try and present a story using just a picture (or two)…”

The 10.2.1 update for devices running the BlackBerry 10 platform is rolling out right now, and apart from the smorgasbord of enhancements, also brings with it a surprise feature. The update unlocks the FM radio capabilities on supported devices, which cover the BlackBerry Z30 and its QWERTY-toting siblings, the Q10 and the Q5. However, there’s no separate icon for the FM radio, and no downloadable app available either. Wondering how to use the FM radio on your freshly-updated BB 10 device? Here’s how: All you need to do is access the Music app, and you’ll find a radio icon tucked away into the bottom. Tap that, and the device will prompt you to connect wired headphones that act as the radio antenna.


Once you do that, you’ll be able to search for available FM stations, and save them as favourites. Go ahead and enjoy your new portable entertainer!