Thousand words: thanks to the ultra power saving mode, the Galaxy S5 can last a full day with just 10 percent battery

“As you know, a picture is worth a thousand words. Join us, as we try and present a story using just a picture (or two)…”

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a loaded device as far as features are concerned, and we’ve already taken a close look at its fingerprint scanner and its integrated heart rate monitor. Yet another nifty feature up its sleeve is an ultra power saving mode that offers extended battery backup in times of need. This mode turns off all the non-essential processes and keeps only the essentials for extending the backup time offered by the device. It turns off wireless radios such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, while cellular data is made available only while the display is on. Switching to this mode turns the display to black and white, which essentially helps the AMOLED display to save energy by not displaying colours. As an innovation for use during emergencies, when most users are struggling with drained-out batteries on their devices by the end of the day, it should surely be quite helpful by keeping them connected with the rest of the world. At about 10 percent battery level, this mode claims to extend the standby time of the device by almost a full day.