Minecraft seeds: Top 5 Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds you should try 

Here in this article, we have listed the top five Minecraft pocket edition seeds which can be used to create a new world. 

Minecraft, the game which was developed on Java programming, has been popular for around a decade now, and it never seems to go out of the mainstream. Some find it boring, but the one who is into the creative field loves the feel of the game because it allows you thousands of possibilities to explore. One of the essential elements of Minecraft is that it offers users seeds, which consisting of an array of letters and numbers, to create a world of their own. With the help of the seeds, you can create anything be it ore vein formation, terrain generation, or structure spawns. The game uses random seeds to create a world but it allows players to use custom seeds to create anything as per their desire. Here in this article, we have listed the top five Minecraft Pocket edition seeds, which can be used to create a new world. 

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Top 5 Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds 

1. 17 Diamond ore vein 

The first on the list is the diamonds, which is also one of the game’s most valuable resources. This seed features a diamond vein with 17 ores and you can grab it from coordinates: 213/7/263. The seed number is 1329676102. Using this seed will help you create all types of diamond tools and still save some diamonds in the bag. 

2. Dark oak forest with plains village

This will be found at the spawn point and offer a plains biome village. You can find some good lots of hay bales here to help you maintain the food supply as hay bales can be turned into bread. Additionally, you can also use it as a trade-off with the farmers in villages to get some food. 

3. Amethyst geodes 

Amethyst geodes are one of the latest additions to the game. The game developers have added it with the Minecraft 1.17 Cave and Cliffs update. You can find this at Coordinates: 881/68/783, at an exposed amethyst geode near spawn. 

4. Ocean monument

At Coordinates: 4243/69/990 you can find this seed, which seems to be a stronghold and an ocean monument. You can locate the stronghold from outside but you might face difficulty while entering it as there is an ocean monument. Players can apply mining fatigue which will prevent them from mining blocks.

5. Spawn near a ruined portal 

You can find this seed at spawn, which will give you access to a village and a ruined portal in front of the plain village. According to the reports, there is a most likely chance of discovering an amethyst geode underneath the ruined portal.

These were some of the best seeds, which you can collect to design your world in the Minecraft Pocket edition. As mentioned above you can use them for an array of possibilities like creating a castle, weapons, buying food from farmers and a lot more. Just follow the given coordinates and enjoy the loot.