Top Android apps and games of the week #30

“This week’s selection consists of the Swiftmoji keyboard, Warp Shift, Grow fit and many more”

Another week has passed and a host of Android applications and games have been added to the Play Store. There are always some hidden gems in the ever-growing jungle that is the Android market so we hunt for them every week to give you a fresh selection of apps and games. To know more about what we have in store for you this week, continue reading.


grow logoGrow Fit: Nutrition and Diet (free)

Health is wealth. And to remain healthy, one needs to have a proper diet and a flood of proteins and vitamins flowing through them. Grow Fit is a health companion app which gives its users personalised diet tips to help them lose/gain weight or muscle. The tips are provided by registered dieticians who have significant clinical experience. Along with the diet tips, the app also provides users with a diet chart tailored according to there lifestyle. The app has something to offer to everyone be it a paid subscriber of their diet plans or a free user. If staying healthy is your current obsession, give Grow Fit a shot.

grow 1 grow 2 grow 3

swiftmojiSwiftmoji – Emoji Keyboard (free)

Since it’s acquisition by Microsoft, Swiftmoji is the first big release by the folks at SwiftKey. We covered this app when it launched a couple of days ago but for those of you who missed it then, here’s the down-low. The app is a third-party keyboard replacement but this time around, the focus is on predicting emojis better and not words. The keyboard will lessen the frustration caused while searching for a specific emoji by giving you predictions based on the context of your conversation as well as taking into account the global emoji trends. If you are an avid texter and use emojis often, this is a must-have app for you.

swiftmoji 2 swiftmoji 4 swiftmoji 3

wakow 1WakoW (free)

If your interests lie outside of Pokemon GO and you are on the lookout for like-minded people, then WakoW needs to be in your app drawer. The app focuses on simplifying the search for people whose share the same interests as you. The app consists of a range of activities from yoga, sports and even carpooling to find you people in your vicinity with a common interest. You can either organise your own activity or participate in activities organised by others. The app also rewards users based on the frequency of their participation. So if meeting like-minded people is your thing, give WakoW a go.

wakow 2 wakow 3 wakow 4

hdfc logoHDFC RED (free)

Landlord giving you trouble? Have nosy neighbours and looking for a new place to put up? You are in luck as HDFC RED’s vast database of properties along with their presence in over 20 cities make it the perfect app for house hunting. The app has a clean user interface which features a set of prompts to narrow down your search results. All the properties come listed with photos and all the other relevant details (number of rooms, price etc).  The app boasts of showing its users only relevant results tailored according to their preferences and even comes with a relevance score which outlines the pros and cons of a property. So if there is a house out there which you might want to call home, HDFC RED will help you find it.

hdfc 1 hdfc 2 hdfc 3


dots and co logoDots & Co (free)

The makers of Dots have come up with another iteration in their famous franchise. Dubbed Dots & Co, the game involves joining similar coloured dots very much like its previous iterations. There are currently 155 levels in-game. Each level involves clearing a certain number of dots of each colour, with the boards and the layout getting more difficult with every passing level. The game features unique characters each with a specific power which bring a strategic edge to the game. So if you liked its predecessors or would like to try  new minimalist colour matching game, Dots and Co will offer you hours of fun.

warp shift logoWarp Shift (Rs 220)

Popular iOS game Warp Shift has finally made its way over to Android. The game puts players in the shoes of Pi and her magical companion who need to solve the puzzles of an ancient chamber that they are trapped in. The objective of the game is to alter the surroundings using taps and swipes to allow Pi to progress further. The game has stunning visuals and great some great soundtracks. So if you don’t mind the price tag this game comes with, make sure to check it out. 

warp shift 2 warp shift1 warp shift3 

With that, we end this week’s edition of top Android apps and games. We will be back soon with another must-have selection of titles for your Android devices next week.