Must have Android apps and games of the week #31

“This week’s selection includes Wonder, Isotope, Suicide Squad and many more”

With over a million apps on the Play Store, the Android platform gives users a lot of choice but it also makes it difficult to comb through all the lists to find some great apps – which is where we come in. Our selection of top Android apps and games will help you discover these hidden gems without having to go through the tedious process of trial and error. So sit back, relax and read what the Play Store had to offer this week.


wonder logoWonder – Discover New Indie (free)

If you are always on the hunt to discover great indie songs, Wonder will work wonders for you. The app is a great way to find some artists that would otherwise fly under your radar. Wonder scours Soundcloud every hour to see what’s trending and updates its app accordingly. Besides giving you the trendiest music at your fingertips, the app also lets users create playlists based on what they like and star their favourite tracks. With its sharing feature, you can share the tracks you were grooving to on various social platforms while promoting the artist at the same time. If you happen to come across a good track, don’t forget to let us know!

wonder 1 wonder 2 wonder 3

channels logoChannels – Forums for Android (free)

We are sure that our readers can attest to the dilemma of having to troubleshoot an app or a game. If you are lucky, the answer to your queries will be on the first page of Google… otherwise you might spend the rest of your day searching for a bug fix. Enter, Channels, an app that will scan your smartphone and will add you to discussion threads of every single app and game on your device. This way, you don’t have to search the internet to know if the Pokémon GO servers are down, for instance. You can simply ask on the Pokémon GO thread and people who have the game installed on their devices will be able to help you straightaway. Channels also lets you report a bug with an app or share your favourite apps to the community.

channels 1 channels 2 channels 3

Flytube logoFlytube (free)

From the makers of Notify and Flyperlink comes another app that is aimed at making YouTube more flexible. The app allows you to watch YouTube videos on top of other appsby creating a small window. For instance, you can watch a video and respond to a text message at the same time using Flytube. Users have the option to make Flytube their default video playerm or they can use the share button on the YouTube app to open videos using Flytube. The app comes with some in-app purchases which let you select the colour and size of the pop-up window.

Flytube 1 Flytube 2 Flytube 3

Isotope logoIsotope – Periodic Table (free)

Isotope gives the age-old periodic table a fresh design overhaul and features high definition images for 70 percent of the elements (with more being added in future updates). The app also gives detailed info on each element (a paid feature) and lets you browse the table without any ads. The app comes with a search feature as well as an option to choose the unit for temperature. If you are in school or know someone who is, this app is a must have to ace your chemistry tests.

isotope 1 isotope 2 Isotope 3


snakebird logoSnakebird (free)

The objective of this game is to make make the longest bird by collecting all the fruits in a level. As confusing as it may seem, Snakebird promises to be an addictive puzzler with colourful graphics that are bound to keep you engaged for a while. Players take the role of red bird, green bird and blue bird in a quest to gather the most fruits any bird has ever seen (or eaten), and then squeeze themselves through tight levels filled with all kinds of obstacles.

snakebird 1 snakebird 2

suicide squad logoSuicide Squad: Special Ops (free)

If you are a big fan of DC and can’t wait for the Suicide Squad movie to release, you should check out the Android game by the same moniker. The game is of an FPS genre where you play as the members of the Suicide Squad, which involves a lot of melee combat along with some sick gunfights. The game has great graphics but can get a little monotonous after a while. Still, if you have time to kill, give Suicide Squad: Special Ops a shot.

With that, we end this week’s edition of top Android apps and games. We will be back soon with another must-have selection of titles for your Android devices next week.