Must have Android apps and games of the week #35

“This week’s selection includes Navbar Apps, Flip diving and much more”

Regardless of how good an app is, it might fly under your radar unless it is from a very reputable developer or the app itself has gone viral. To make sure you have the best that Android has to offer, we comb through the thousands of additions to the Play Store every week to find you a select set of apps which might have gotten overlooked or are immensely popular. This week, we have a file converter that students will love and a fashion app that selects outfits according to the weather amongst many others. Make sure your Wi-Fi is on because you’ll be downloading a bunch of apps at the end of this article!



navbar logoNavbar Apps (free)

Probably one of the biggest advantages of owning an Android smartphone are the layers of customisation features available to the end user. Be it changing a wallpaper or flashing a completely different ROM, Android will let you pry it open and play with whatever settings you want to. Navbar Apps lets you customise the navigation bar (back, home and multitasking key) by automatically changing the colour of the Nav bar according to the app in use or by using a completely different image altogether. The app takes personalisation to the next level by letting users add some data like battery level to the Nav Bar as well. If you have run out of ways to customise your Android, give Navbar Apps a shot.

navbar 3 navbar 1 navbar 2

skyler logoskyler — fashion x weather (free)

Smartphone technology isn’t the only thing on the rise with the youth of our country dressing up in dapper outfits. However, nothing ruins a good outfit more than bad weather which is where skyler comes in. The app features a clean UI and gives suggestions for outfits according to your local weather. The app takes into consideration various factors that might affect your outfit such as wind, temperature and the chance of rains as well. The app is updated with fresh styles from top brands everyday so make sure to check the app before stepping out for a party next time.

skyler 2 skyler 3 skyler 1

beautyme logoBeautyPlus Me – Perfect Camera (free)

Everyone can attest to the problems of clicking a perfect selfie. When the makeup is on point, the lighting might not be. Enter BeautyPlus Me, a photo editing app aimed at selfie-centric consumers which can remove blemishes, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, add filters and do much more with its in-app tools. Users can subtly edit their photos to make them naturally looking with the help of BeautyPlus Me. If you are hooked to clicking selfies, make sure to check this app out.

beautyme 1 beautyme 2 beautyme 3

efc logoEasy File Converter (free)

Converting a PDF document to a word file is probably one of the biggest dilemmas a student could face. Having to search for websites that don’t require a registration to convert a file can be a big headache but fortunately, we have a solution. Easy File Converter gives an option to convert between 200 different type of file formats such as PDF, MP4, DOC, ZIP and EPBUB. The conversion takes place via the apps online cloud service and the converted files are downloaded back to the user’s device.

efc 1 efc 2 efc 3


malipuzzle logoMuhammad Ali: Puzzle King (free)

Fans of boxing and puzzle genre are in for a treat as a boxing-themed puzzle game featuring the legend Muhammad Ali has finally hit the play store. The game involves matching similarly coloured boxing gloves to defeat the opponent. The players avatar throws punches of different intensity according to the different moves used. Each level has a different set of goals completing which, the player will K.O their opponent. The developers will also be donating some of the earnings to the Muhammed Ali Centre, a museum which highlights the life of the legend.

 muhammed ali 1 muhammed ali 2 muhammed ali 3

flip diving logoFlip Diving (free)

The summer is coming to an end but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to put a pause to doing backflips in a pool. With Flip Diving, users can do a host of different tricks and stunts from high cliffs, rickety platforms and much more. The game involves a custom physics engine to give the most accurate responses after performing a stunt. Users can unlock new divers and moves along with over 50 different locations to jump from and share their best moments or epic fails as well.

With that, we end this week’s edition of top Android apps and games. We will be back soon with another must-have selection of titles for your Android devices next week.