Top Android apps and games of the week #45

While we’re still waiting to get the sweet taste of Android 5.0 Lollipop on our Nexus devices, the Big G is continuing with its Material Design visual overhaul to its apps. There are several other interesting app updates in this week’s edition. So, join us in as we bring you the must download apps and games on your Android device(s) this week.

Google CalendarGoogle Calendar {Update} (Free)

Following the update to its Gmail app and unveiling a revolutionary emailing app in the form of Inbox, the search behemoth is all set to transform your calendaring experience. The new Google Calendar not only dons a new design, but also brings forth several useful features. The Calendar app will automatically bring events such as meeting appointments, flight details, hotel reservation, etc. to its fold by connecting to your email app. What’s more, your schedule will automatically be updated in instances such as when your flight is delayed. Another new feature dubbed Assists offers you suggestions for people and place when you are creating a new event. The Schedule View gives you a peek at the place you’re visiting with the help of photos, maps and more.

Google Calendar 1

Sadly, the update is only available for devices running Android Lollipop, with Android 4.1 and above devices set to get it in the coming weeks.

Google MapsGoogle Maps {Update} (Free)

Google has also given a Material Design revamp to its popular navigation service. While some of the features are limited to the US only, there are some really useful functionality baked right into the app. Now, you can easily see an info layer about the place you’re in, and it displays photos, reviews of the locations you must visit. The Explore button at the bottom will give you more details about the places to dine or visit. If you’ve installed the Uber app, then Google Maps will now show it’s estimated pickup time and price for the route.

Google Maps 1

Guvera MusicGuvera (Free)

Guvera is a popular music streaming service from Australia and this week it has landed on Indian shores. The service boasts of more than 12 million tracks including Bollywood titles. An interesting feature of the app is dubbed as #Play, which plays the music according to the listener’s mood. There are also the usual functionality such as the ability to search tracks, manage playlists and follow other’s playlists, thanks to social features built into the app.

Guvera Music 1 Guvera Music 2 Guvera Music 3

While the app has free plan supported by ads, you can also pay for an ad-free experience.

Living Spaces by ULLiving Spaces by UL (Free)

Urban Ladder is one of the leading e-commerce websites in India for ordering furniture and now the company is leveraging technology to help consumers choosing the best couches suited for their needs. The Living Spaces app make use of augmented reality to let users capture their room and virtually place the couch anywhere. Users can also change different couch modes, change its colours, etc. before placing an order.

Living Spaces by UL 1 Living Spaces by UL 2

PushbulletPushbullet {Update} (Free)

Pushbullet is constantly adding new features to its arsenal to make it even more useful. The latest update brings the ability to send text messages from the comfort of your computer itself, without even touching the smartphone. You can also reply to SMSes from your computer. Along with that, the app has also fixed the issues with pushing files between the computer and mobile device. A few weeks ago, the developers have also updated the app with Material Design language.

Pushbullet 1 Pushbullet 2 Pushbullet 3

Wally Wally+ (Free)

Wally+ is a popular finance management app available on iOS platform since last year, and now it’s available for Android devices as well. The app lets you specify your monthly income, and then track your expenses, create budget for different things and more. It treats each expense as an experience letting users attach photos and tag their friends. You can also scan your receipts instead of manually inputting everything.

Wally  1 Wally  2 Wally  3

Sadly, the app is currently in beta mode, which means you have to join the waitlist before you can start using the app.


WhatsApp {Update} (Free)

Popular messaging app WhatsApp has also received an update which gives you the capability of adding captions to photos and videos, along with several bug fixes. But that’s not why we have included the messenger in our apps of the week list. The service has now made some server-side changes, due to which now you can get confirmation if your message has been read by the recipient(s) or not represented by two blue ticks.

WhatsApp 1 WhatsApp 2 WhatsApp 3

YummlyYummly (Free)

Yummly is a beautifully-designed app to help you find recipes. It has a vast collection of more than a million recipes and it also tracks popular recipe websites and blogs such as AllRecipes and Epicurious. It’s powerful search mechanism allows users to search on the basis of occasion, cuisine, taste, nutrition, cooking time and more. You can also bookmark the recipes, and the app also gives you recipe recommendations as it starts learning your preferences.

Yummly 1 Yummly 2 Yummly 3


Boulder Dash -30th AnniversaryBoulder Dash- 30th Anniversary (Free)

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the game brings its old gameplay to a touch-optimised format. In the game, you play as Rockford (you can unlock eight more playable characters), and your job is to dig through caves while collecting gems and reach exit in the stipulated time. You also have to avoid obstacles such as falling rocks, underground explosion and enemies on the way. The game includes more than 200 levels and features gripping visuals.


As the name indicates, you’re hired as an assassin to sneak into secure places and kill high-profile targets. The only rule of the game is that you have to honour your contracts, although you’re free to choose from any. The game has more than 250 missions and it also lets you choose your weapons. Additionally, you can compete against other players to be the ultimate champion.

Also take a look at the Hangouts app, which now brings the ability to call to international numbers for free to USA and Canada, and at nominal rates to other countries.

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