Top iOS apps and games of the week #10

This week on the App Store, learn how to play the guitar from scratch, have a little fun with anonymous dating, and catch up on the most widely read headlines at any given moment. You’ll also be able to snowboard your way to the end of the earth, lead an army of green goblins into battle, and help a sentient humanoid catch the last rocketship leaving Earth.


Yousician Guitar_iconYousician Guitar (Free)

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar, Yousician Guitar is a must-have. There are thousands of songs available, and over 1,500 levels that cover skills like chords, reading, strumming, fingerpicking and more. You can also upload your own songs to learn how to play them, and participate in weekly challenges to compete with other players worldwide. The app listens to your acoustic or electric guitar playback, and gives you feedback to help you improve.

Yousician Guitar_1 Yousician Guitar_2

Masque_iconMasque (Free)

From the creators of popular IM app Nimbuzz comes Masque, an anonymous dating app that lets you chat with strangers from around the world. You’ll get to choose a nickname and avatar, and the app will connect you to the best matches based on your age, gender and location. Masque lets you chat with multiple people at once, share self-destructing selfies and audio notes, and send stickers and emojis.

Masque_1 Masque_2 Masque_3

BriefMe_iconBriefMe (Free)

BriefMe is a news app that displays the top 10 most popular and shared articles at any given moment. Apart from news headlines, you can also browse the six available categories – business, sport, world, technology, politics and entertainment – to view additional stories. If you’re hungry for more, you can check out the Stream section to view an endless list of news stories as they’re published.

BriefMe_1 BriefMe_2 BriefMe_3


RAD Boarding_iconRAD Boarding (Free)

Set in an apocalyptic world, RAD Boarding will have you snowboarding across various environments as you attempt to race against the end of the world. You’ll traverse through grasslands, deserts, jungles and the final territory of the ice lands, facing off against bosses like Tiny the Bear on the way. You’ll also be able to unleash combos in RAD mode, perform tricks, and unlock new bonuses. The game features a ‘90’s style phat soundtrack, tons of collectible items, rewards and cool costumes.

RAD Boarding_1 RAD Boarding_2

Lastronaut_iconLastronaut (Free)

A completely free-to-play endless runner, in Lastronaut you’re cast as a sentient humanoid robot who must journey across the world to reach the last rocket ship leaving the abandoned planet Earth. The game offers infinite gameplay, several weapons, slow-motion effects, explosions, and global leaderboards. You’ll also get to search for and unlock achievements, and view various gameplay stats.

Lastronaut_1 Lastronaut_2

Warhammer- Snotling Fling_iconWarhammer: Snotling Fling (Rs 250)

In this fantasy adventure game, you’ll lead an army of green Snotlings against the Warhammer’s Empire on your quest to capture the throne. Your primary weapon of choice will be a Goblin War Machine, which will enable you to fling silly projectiles (including Snotlings) to bring down fortifications. You’ll also be able to unleash a rain of Squigs and summon the Foot of Gork to do more ridiculous damage. The game features a total of 60 levels and Facebook integration. 

Warhammer- Snotling Fling_1 Warhammer- Snotling Fling_2 Warhammer- Snotling Fling_3

Blockwick 2_iconBlockwick 2 (Rs 190)

Popular block-sliding puzzle Blockwick gets a second iteration in Blockwick 2, available now on the App Store. In the game, you’ll be tasked with unscrambling blocks and connecting colours. The sequel features a total of 160 levels, and various new block types, including sticky blocks, entangled blocks, caterpillar blocks and more.

Blockwick 2_1 Blockwick 2_3 Blockwick 2_2

App of the Week

Temple Run: Oz (Free)

This week’s free App of the Week is the endless runner adventure Temple Run: Oz. Playing Oz from the popular Disney movie, you’ll need to outrun flying baboons as you run, jump and slide your way through various iconic environments, including the Yellow Brick Road.

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