Top iOS apps and games of the week #24

Apple’s annual WWDC developers conference kicks off next week, and the company is expected to announce iOS 10, the next iteration of OS X (which will reportedly be called macOS), as well other interesting tidbits like iMessage for Android. We’ll bring you all the news from the keynote as it comes, but for now, let’s take a look at the top new iOS apps and games of the week.


Justmoji_iconJustmoji (Rs 190)

Move over Kimoji, because Justin Bieber just launched his own emoji app called… wait for it… Justmoji. The keyboard app gives you access to hundreds of stickers, GIFs and expressions, and even includes an ‘official’ Justin Bieber meme maker. The app promises regular updates with more sticker packs to be added. Go on Beliebers, what are you waiting for?

Justmoji_1 Justmoji_2 Justmoji_3

Motion Stills_iconMotion Stills (Free)

Motion Stills is a new app by Google which lets you easily create GIFs and short movies. Using Google’s image stabilisation technology, the app converts your Live Photos into endless looping GIFs. You can also combine multiple clips into short movies. Since the app uses Live Photos, you’ll need an iPhone 6s, 6s Plus or SE to use it. 

Motion Stills_1 Motion Stills_2 Motion Stills_3

Finch for Twitter_iconFinch for Twitter (Rs 190)

Finch for Twitter provides a different way to use the social network, by converting your timeline into a stream of photos. You can view photos by following friends or celebrities, and using lists, keywords and hashtags. You can create and share your own photo collections, use the explore tab to discover interesting photos, and save, like, retweet and share photos.

Finch for Twitter_1 Finch for Twitter_2 Finch for Twitter_3


Heroes of Loot 2_iconHeroes of Loot 2 (Rs 190)

The sequel to the popular Heroes of Loot, this action-packed dungeon crawler lets you control not one, but two heroes. You’ll get to pick from heroes like the Elf, the Wizard, the Warrior and the Valkyrie, each with their own unique powers that you can level up while you play. The game is quest-based, and you can switch between characters to complete challenges. The game also features secret rooms to discover, magical items and spells to unlock, and enemies to fight. 

Heroes of Loot 2_1 Heroes of Loot 2_2

Build Away_iconBuild Away! – Idle City Builder (Free)

If you love building games, Build Away! Is just up your street. The game is designed to be both simple and relaxing, and lets you build your dream city. You’ll get to construct cafes, shops, homes, banks, villas, caravan parks and more. The city can be automated to earn even while you’re away, and you can use the money to re-build older buildings. You’ll also get to hold carnivals, and attract friends to the town to boost tourism.

Build Away_1 Build Away_2 Build Away_3

2 bit Cowboy Rides Again_icon2-bit Cowboy Rides Again (Rs 120)

A Gameboy-inspired retro action game, in 2-bit Cowboy Rides Again you’ll get to play as a cowboy or cowgirl who’s also the town’s Sheriff. You’ll get to round up escaped bandits, ride horses, bulls and minecarts, gamble at casinos and drink at saloons while exploring huge levels. You can also take on mini missions to earn extra cash, using the money to buy costumes and powerups.

2 bit Cowboy Rides Again_1 2 bit Cowboy Rides Again_2

Cat Knight Story_iconCat Knight Story (Free)

Cat Knight Story is an action platformer where you play a kitty hero.  The game features 12 handcrafted levels, which will require you to jump, flip and fly your way through traps and monsters. There are four boss battles you’ll need to overcome, and a range of enemies and obstacles. The game features simple one-touch controls, and a challenging time mode too. 

Cat Knight Story_1 Cat Knight Story_2

App of the Week

Drop Flip (Free)

This week’s free App of the Week is the fun physics-based game Drop Flip. The objective in the game is to drop a ball into a bucket, but you’ll have to manipulate various obstacles in order to do so.

Other notable new games to check out include Epic Flail, Station Manager and Independence Day Resurgence: Battle Heroes.