Top iOS apps and games of the week #25

Apple’s WWDC developer conference took place the past week, where the company announced iOS 10 and the rebranded OS X, macOS Sierra. The company also announced the opening up of Siri to developers, and announced major changes to iMessage. For all this and more, check out our roundup of the top announcements at WWDC. For now, let’s take a look at this week’s top iOS apps and games.


Gboard_iconGboard (Free)

Google’s feature-rich keyboard for iOS, Gboard, has finally rolled out globally and is now available for Indian users. The keyboard integrates Google search, letting you share results right from the keyboard. It also lets you search for GIFs and emojis. The keyboard also supports Glide Typing, which is similar to Swype, letting you slide your finger from key to key to type words. 

Gboard_1 Gboard_2 Gboard_3

Houseparty_iconHouseparty (Free)

Remember Meerkat, the app that made live video streaming popular before Periscope? It looks like the company has been sneakily working on a new group video-chatting app called Houseparty. The app lets you get online with friends as soon as you open it. You can ‘say hi’ to friends, or join ongoing group chats with jut a tap. The app features a simple interface with various video feeds arranged in a grid.

Houseparty_1 Houseparty_2 Houseparty_3

VUE_iconVUE (Free)

VUE is a new video app for iOS which lets you create video montages. You can choose between one to four scenes, and juxtapose them to create a montage effect. The app lets you enhance your videos with over 30 stickers and emojis and 12 filters. You can also use the app to create selfie videos, with both a wide and ultra-wide aspect ratio supported. Once done, your videos can be shared to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine and more.



Dawnbringer_iconDawnbringer (Free)

An RPG from the makers of Subway Surfers, in Dawnbringer you play a fallen angel cast into the demon-infested world of Mourngard along with your reckless brother. You’ll get to explore the open world, fight against demons and bosses with hack ‘n’ slash combat, and challenge your brother too. Along the way, you’ll also get to upgrade your weapons and armour to help you in your battles.

Dawnbringer_1 Dawnbringer_2

Adventure Company_iconAdventure Company (Free)

Adventure Company is a team-based RPG where you’ll take to the skies as you manage a group of warriors dedicated to finding ancient artefacts from the past. You’ll get to strategically divide your team between battles, discover over 60 classes of heroes, explore five different lands and complete a variety of missions. You can equip your team with endless amounts of weapons, and compete to collect daily rewards too.

Adventure Company_1 Adventure Company_2

Slip Away_iconSlip Away (Free)

An arcade game with gorgeous graphics, in Slip Away you play a sea creature who must escape the darkness. The game features simple tap controls to let you move left or right, but you’ll need to avoid deadly obstacles placed on either side. As you continue to swirl upward, you’ll get to collect gems to unlock new characters.

Slip Away_1 Slip Away_2 Slip Away_3

1979 Revolution_icon1979 Revolution (Free)

A story-driven adventure with a historical twist, 1979 Revolution puts you in the midst of events in Tehran in the 1970s. You play a photo-journalist in the game, who returns home to find his country in the midst of an uprising against the ruling king. The choices you make in the game will affect your role in the revolution, as well as the fate of those around you. You’ll get to take photos, explore the world and unlock over 80 unique stories. The game is based on true events and testimonies of freedom fighters, prisoners and witnesses of the revolution. 

1979 Revolution_1 1979 Revolution_2

App of the Week

TextGrabber (Free)

This week’s free App of the Week is useful text digitiser TextGrabber. The app lets you snap a photo of any text, and instantly scans and digitises it on your iPhone. You can then translate the text to over 60 languages, listen to it spoken aloud or share it by SMS or email. 

Other notable new games to check out include Get ‘Em, voi and Paranormal Minis.