Top iOS apps and games of the week #26

Collect wild animals for your sky zoo, complete your ninja training and pilot a high-speed space ship in this week’s top iOS games. On the apps front, we have a great coding game for kids, plus a handy update to Dropbox.


Switch_iconSwitch (Free)

The success of apps like MSQRD and Snapchat’s Face Swap feature has spawned a new breed of face masking apps, and the latest among these is Switch. The app lets you choose from masks like Tiger, Skull, Chimp, Rainbow poop, Reptilia, Phantom, Scary Makeup and lots more. It auto-detects your face and applies any filter you choose. You can take pictures, record videos or capture short looping videos, which can then be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. 

Switch_1 Switch_2 Switch_3

Box Island_iconBox Island (Free)

At WWDC this month, Apple announced its new coding app for kids called Swift Playgrounds. While we’re still waiting for it to release, Box Island seems like a great alternative. The app teaches kids coding fundamentals like loops, conditionals, debugging, pattern recognition and more. The app is set in a beautiful 3D game world, and follows a story-driven journey that covers over 100 levels.

Box Island_1 Box Island_2

Dropbox_iconDropbox (Free)

Dropbox has transitioned into much more than a just cloud storage app over the years, and the latest update adds some useful features to its iOS app. Notably, the app now integrates a document scanner, which lets you snap a photo of any document containing text and convert it into a file in your account. Thanks to optical character recognition, you can search for words in the document to find it later. The app also gets a large ‘plus’ button at the bottom, which lets you create a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file thanks to Windows maker integration. You’ll need to have the corresponding Microsoft apps installed to use this feature though.

Dropbox_1 Dropbox_2 Dropbox_3


Rodeo Stampede_iconRodeo Stampede (Free)

From the makers of Crossy Road comes a new animal collection game called Rodeo Stampede. The game features an endless runner component where you must leap from animal to animal, holding on for as long as necessary to befriend them. Each animal behaves differently when mounted, so you’ll need to hold on tight and dodge obstacles in your path. Once you’ve befriended an animal, you can transfer it to your sky zoo, where you’ll need to build and level up enclosures and attract visitors.

Rodeo Stampede_1 Rodeo Stampede_2 Rodeo Stampede_3

Perchange_iconPerchang (Rs 120)

A beautiful and challenging puzzle game, in Perchang you’ll need to guide tiny balls to their goal by using various contraptions like flippers, magnets, portals, anti-gravity hoops and more. The game is harder than it looks because each level is timed. There are a total of 60 levels, and finishing them before time runs out will let you collect gold medals. You’ll also be able to unlock Gold Runs for the hardest challenges.   

Perchang_1 Perchang_2

NinjAwesome_iconNinjAwesome (Free)

An auto-running platformer, NinjAwesome is a fun and challenging game set in a colourful, pixelated world. As you run along, you’ll need to use your ninja skills to jump over deadly traps, slash enemies and collect bouncing coins. You’ll get to upgrade your ninja powers, collect various types of shuriken and master five types of secret missions. The game also features an endless mode where you can spend time honing your skills and levelling-up your abilities.

NinjAwesome_1 NinjAwesome_2

Hyperburner_iconHyperburner (Rs 190)

Hyperburner is an arcade game where you control a spaceship in a distant solar system. The high-speed flier will take you through increasingly difficult courses, covering six unique zones with five stages each. You’ll also be able to test your skills in endless modes where you can compete in leaderboards. Additionally, you’ll get to unlock better ships as you progress. The game features stunning, detailed visuals and lets you play in portrait or landscape mode. 

Hyperburner_1 Hyperburner_2

App of the week

Give It Up! 2 (Free)

Free on the App Store for the next week is rhythm-based platformer Give It Up! 2. The game requires you to tap to the rhythm of the music to jump across platforms, avoiding spikes, steps and other obstacles in your path. 

Other notable new games to check out include The Sandbox Evolution, Super SteamPuff and Heavy Metal Tennis Training.