Top iOS apps and games of the week #27

A loaded calendar app for busy people and a useful update for Kindle users are this week’s top iOS app highlights. On the gaming front, we have two action-filled auto-runners, a rhythm-game with a difference and a drag racing game you’ll love.


Hyper_iconHyper (Free)

After being launched on the iPad, video app Hyper is now available for the iPhone. The app shows you the top 10 videos of the day, which are curated by a team of experts based on your interests. The best part? The videos are downloaded over Wi-Fi on your iPhone overnight, so you can watch them offline the next day. The app features a smooth, minimal interface that organises videos by categories.

Hyper_1 Hyper_2 Hyper_3

BusyCal_iconBusyCal (Rs 300)

Popular calendar app for Mac BusyCal is now available on iOS too. The app is a full-featured calendar for people with hectic lifestyles. It integrates to-dos which are displayed in the calendar and carried forward until completed. They can also be undated, scheduled and rescheduled and synced with the native Reminders app. Location services in conjunction with Apple Maps and Google Maps are supported, along with driving directions. The app also displays birthdays and anniversaries, and even tells you the person’s age or anniversary number. Other features include voice input, weather and graphs, plus integration with most calendar apps.

BusyCal_1 BusyCal_2 BusyCal_3

Kindle_iconKindle (Free)

Kindle for iOS has received a neat update called Page Flip. The new feature is basically a powerful bookmark, which lets you explore your book without losing your current page. The feature automatically bookmarks the page you’re reading and pins it to the corner of the screen, so you can flip between other pages, charts, maps, and highlights without losing your place.

Kindle_1 Kindle_2 Kindle_3


The Little Fox_iconThe Little Fox (Rs 190)

An autorunner set in a gorgeous three-dimensional world, in The Little Fox you’ll have to guide your character through 13 planets filled with cliffs, volcanoes, marshes and caves. Your path is made up of hexagonal tiles, with different tiles imparting different properties, like speeding up, slowing down or jumping. The game is accompanied by an animated comic that tells you the story, with an immersive soundtrack for each setting. 

The Little Fox_1 The Little Fox_2

CSR Racing 2_iconCSR Racing 2 (Free)

If you love drag racing, you’ll love CSR Racing 2. The game features beautifully designed supercars from Ferrari, Bugati, McLaren and more that you can admire both from the outside and the inside. You’ll get to compete in real time races with friends and opponents from around the world, creating online crews and taking part in events. You can also choose to play the single-player campaign if you prefer. The game lets you configure, customise and upgrade your rides, collect supercars and display them in your warehouse garage.

CSR Racing 2_1 CSR Racing 2_2

Don't be Squared_iconDon’t Be Squared (Free)

A mad scientist is turning everything into cubes, and you have to escape or be squared in this auto-running action platformer. The fast-paced game will have you running through jungles, caves, islands, volcanoes and various other danger-filled environments. You can draw clouds to jump over obstacles, and tap to spin attack enemies. You’ll also get to unlock and upgrade characters, sidekicks, power-ups and weapons. 

Don't be Squared_1 Don't be Squared_2

Crypt of the Necrodancer_iconCrypt of the Necrodancer (Free)

A dungeon crawler with rhythm elements? A crazy game deserves a crazy name, and Crypt of the Necrodancer is all this and more. The game features the usual roguelike elements where you need to move from tile to tile on a grid, attacking enemies you encounter. The difference is you need to move to the beat of the soundtrack. The game lets you play with your own music, features Game Center integration and offers three control schemes, plus support for controllers. 

Crypt of the Necrodancer_1 Crypt of the Necrodancer_2

App of the Week

Mimpi Dreams (Free)

Looking for a casual platformer to play over the weekend? Mimpi Dreams is this week’s free App of the Week. In the award-winning game, you’ll have to help Mimpi the dog rescue his friends by solving simple puzzles.

Other notable new games to check out include Groove Galaxy, Nanuleu and LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens.