Top iOS apps and games of the week #29

DC fans are in for a real treat this weekend, because we’ve got not one, but two action-packed games from the franchise. Our top apps include a loaded Evernote alternative, along with BitTorrent’s (legal) content streaming platform.


Notebook_iconNotebook (Free)

If you’ve been annoyed by Evernote’s new pricing plans, Zoho’s Notebook is a feature-packed app you can download for free. The app lets you add images, text, checklists and audio all in the same note. It also features a dedicated checklist note card for to-dos, an audio note card for while you’re driving and a photo note card to save special moments. Notes can be organised and moved between notebooks, with all data backed up to the cloud. You can customise the colour of note cards and choose a notebook cover. The app also features simple gestures for navigation, and lets you search for specific notes. 

Notebook_1 Notebook_2 Notebook_3

BitTorrent Now_iconBitTorrent Now (Free)

BitTorrent might still be associated with pirated content, but with its latest app, the service is going the legal way. BitTorrent Now is a platform for users to experience music and video from various artists. The app features a mix of paid, free and ad-supported content. You can browse and stream content, or save it for watching later. The app lets you check out what’s trending, follow your favourite artists, explore categories, share content with friends, and listen to music in the background. 

BitTorrent Now_1 BitTorrent Now_2 BitTorrent Now_3


Batman Arkham Underworld_iconBatman: Arkham Underworld (Free)

In Batman: Arkham Underworld, your goal is to become Gotham’s next criminal mastermind, by commanding iconic villains like Riddler, Scarecrow, Killer Croc, Harley Quinn and more. You’ll get to build the ultimate hideout for you and your thugs, control the streets as you expand your empire, and battle other crime lords and raid their territory in intense PvP action. You’ll get to complete story-based missions, level up your super villains, unlock abilities and face-off against none other than Batman himself.

Batman Arkham Underworld_1 Batman Arkham Underworld_2

klocki_iconklocki (Rs 10)

Looking for a relaxing puzzle game? With klocki, the premise is simple. All you need to do is connect different types of lines together, with calming music and sounds in the background. As expected, the game sounds easier than it is. The lines need to be connected by moving tiles into the correct position, but some levels include 3D structures, different shapes and even levers you need to turn to move the lines into place.

klocki_1 klocki_2

Combo Critters_iconCombo Critters (Free)

In Combo Critters, you’ll get to explore six planets to find and collect all their resident critters. There are over 70 critters to collect and put to battle against monsters. You can even mash two critters in the combine-machine to make them stronger. The game features a turn-based RPG style battle system, with the option to play against your friends. The game features a colourful pixel art style and a catchy soundtrack too.

Combo Critters_1 Combo Critters_2 Combo Critters_3

Suicide Squad Special Ops_iconSuicide Squad: Special Ops (Free)

The Suicide Squad movie is inching closer to its release date, but before that, you can play Suicide Squad: Special Ops. The FPS game lets you play as the squad’s antiheroes, surviving as long as you can against enemies. You can fight as Harley Quinn with her baseball bat, Deadshot with his rifle and Diablo with his firepower. You’ll get to explore the city to find health packs, ammo and upgrades, compete against other players in daily, weekly and all-time leaderboards, and record HD footage and share it on social media. 

Suicide Squad Special Ops_1 Suicide Squad Special Ops_2

Polyforge_iconPolyforge (Free)

In Polyforge, you’ll get to craft beautiful crystals by striking all their sides. Each crystal rotates as its being forged, so you’ll need to time your strikes well. Striking the same side twice means you’ll have to re-start the level. As you level up, the crystals become more complex and multi-faceted. You’ll also get to compete for the highest level in the world. 

Polyforge_1 Polyforge_2 Polyforge_3

App of the Week

Super Sharp (Free)

Free on the App Store for the next week is physics-based puzzler Super Sharp. The game requires you to slice large shapes into smaller pieces, in order to hit the smaller square shapes in each level.

Other notable new apps to check out include Day of the Tentacle Remastered, Politaire and Disney Emoji Blitz.