Top iOS apps and games of the week #3

Embark on an 8-bit space adventure, explore a mysterious tower and become a boxing tycoon in this week’s top games. Among our top apps we have a brand new social network, plus a fitness app with a twist.


Peach_iconPeach (Free)

There are plenty of social networking apps launched every week, but Peach, from the creator of Vine, seems to have already taken the world by storm. The iOS-only app lets you add friends and share status updates through the day, comprising of photos, videos, GIFs, drawings, your location, your battery level, and lots more. Peach lets you do most of this stuff by using Magic Words. For example, you can type GIF to send a GIF, type Weather to share the weather at your location, or type Move to share your step count for the day. You can also interact with friends by sending a wave, a slice of cake, a boop, a kiss, a hiss and lots more. 

Peach_1 Peach_2 Peach_3

Movesum_iconMovesum (Free)

Movesum is a fitness app that helps you stay committed to your fitness goals by connecting your activity with what you eat. The app equates steps walked with calories burned in food. For example, 12,800 steps burns 640 calories, which is equal to one hamburger, two beers or five bananas. The app lets you set daily goals, and sends you smart notifications to help you reach them and build 7-day streaks.

Movesum_1 Movesum_2 Movesum_3

Linkpack_iconLinkpack (Free)

Linkpack is a useful app that helps you organise your saved links. Apart from saving your links, you’ll also be able to organise them into lists, or Linkpacks. The app syncs to your Dropbox account, letting you organise links into folders on your PC or Mac. You can also add links using the iOS or Chrome extensions. You can read links using Readability to track your progress and pick up from where you left off. Additionally, if you want to share a Linkpack list with the world, the app will generate a unique URL that displays all the links in one page. 

Linkpack_1 Linkpack_2 Linkpack_3


Pocket Mortys_iconPocket Mortys (Free)

Eccentric scientist Rick and his grandson Morty are back in this new adventure. The game will see you play Rick as he journeys across the multiverse, attempting to recruit and train various Mortys he encounters across dimensions. There are over 70 Mortys to collect, including Wizard Morty, Mustache Morty, Cronenberg Morty and more. You’ll get to assemble your dream team of Mortys, and then challenge other Ricks to battles. During the game, you’ll encounter characters from the series like Bird Person, Mr Meeseeks and more, craft items, complete side quests and win prizes at the space arcade.

Pocket Mortys_1 Pocket Mortys_2

Venture Kid_iconVenture Kid (Rs 60)

Set in an 8-bit universe, in Venture Kid, you’ll play Andy, who must defeat the evil Dr. Teklov who is building a secret weapon inside his huge space fortress. You’ll have to journey across nine action-packed levels, defeating Teklov’s minions and bosses. You’ll be able to use eight power-ups during your quest, and find and explore secret areas too.

Venture Kid_1 Venture Kid_2

Punch Club_iconPunch Club (Rs 300)

Punch Club is a story-driven action RPG where every decision you make will shape the final outcome. Playing a character whose father was murdered before his eyes, you decide to train hard, earn your place in the Punch Club ranks and discover who killed your father. The game will see you juggle friendships, work, relationships, love and stardom, while also making time for the gym and even fighting alligators. 

Punch Club_1 Punch Club_2

Tower of Fortune 3_iconTower of Fortune 3 (Rs 190)

A retro-style RPG, in Tower of Fortune 3 you’ll play a hero who must travel through all nine worlds inside a legendary tower to find his way home. You’ll get to explore secret locations and dungeons, and collect, forge and upgrade over 150 types of equipment. There are a total of nine rewards to collect, and you can replay the journey to collect them all. You’ll also get to battle over 100 types of enemies, interact with over 50 characters, solve mysteries, unlock skills and master achievements. 

Tower of Fortune 3_1 Tower of Fortune 3_2 Tower of Fortune 3_3

App of the Week

Lifeline (Free)

This week, you can download the survival game Lifeline for free. The game requires you to interact with the astronaut Taylor who is stranded alone on an alien moon, and whose communicator can contact only you.

Other notable new games to check out include Momoka: An Interplanetary Adventure, Star Trek Timelines and Cops & Robbers.