Top iOS apps and games of the week #30

Tinder gets a ‘social’ update and popular email app Polymail makes an iOS appearance in this week’s top apps. Our roundup of the best new games include a competitive running game, a deceptively simple puzzle and the latest entry from the makers of Dots.


Tinder_iconTinder (Free)

Popular dating app Tinder has added a new feature to its app called ‘Tinder Social’. The feature lets you make new friends, by matching groups of people rather than individuals. You can invite friends who want to go out, and then set a status saying what you plan on doing – going out for drinks, to a concert, movie, etc. You can then swipe to see what other groups are up to. Once you’ve matched with a different group, you can start a group chat and make plans.

Tinder_1 Tinder_2 Tinder_3

Scrivener_iconScrivener (Rs 1,200)

The ultimate app for writers, Scrivener is now available on iOS as well. The popular Windows and Mac app has been optimised for smaller screens, and lets you sync your work across devices through Dropbox. The app lets you keep each manuscript in a self-contained project. You can add multiple sections for each manuscript, expanding, collapsing and drilling them down into sections. You can import and export Word, RTF and plain text files, and add images, PDFs and media files. The app features a special Scriptwriting mode for writing screenplays, and legts you easily switch between your research and draft.

Scrivener_1 Scrivener_2 Scrivener_3

Polymail_iconPolymail (Free)

Popular desktop email app Polymail is now available for iOS users. The powerful email app is loaded with features, included per-recipient email tracking, which lets you know when your messages are read, and by whom (the latter for multiple recipients). You can snooze emails to read them later, and schedule mails to be sent later too. The app features detailed contact profiles with links to their social media and LinkedIn accounts, and offers push notifications as well. The app supports most email clients, and presents a unified inbox so you can see all your email in one place.

Polymail_1 Polymail_2 Polymail_3

Tinycards_iconTinycards (Free)

Education and language app Duolingo has launched another innovative free learning app called Tinycards. As the name indicates, the app helps you learn by using flash cards. The app features various topics, ranging from country capitals to vocabulary to history to constellations and even languages. The app uses spaced repetition and smart learning techniques to help you remember material. You can use the ready-made collections, or create your own decks and share them with friends.

Tinycards_1 Tinycards_2 Tinycards_3


Dots & Co_iconDots & Co (Free)

The makers of Dots and Two Dots is back with another game. Dots & Co features the same basic gameplay – connect the dots to eliminate them. You have a limited number of moves, and a specific number of dots to eliminate for each colour. You can only eliminate dots vertically or horizontally, but if you manage to connect a square, it eliminates all the dots of the same colour on the board. The new game features 15 original levels, companion characters with special powers, and beautiful new worlds you can explore.

Dots & Co_1 Dots & Co_2 Dots & Co_3

ReRunners_iconReRunners (Free)

ReRunners is a multiplayer racing game where you’ll compete to become the fastest runner of all time. You’ll get to run against your friends and other players, with up to five people in each race. There are 60 levels to complete, with locations like jungles, floating islands, lava pits, exotic temples and more. You’ll get to use jetpacks, bombs and other power-ups, and unlock and upgrade skills like double jump, glide, sprint and even tickle. You can play as a human or characters like a cat, horse, tree, unicorn and even a robot, creating and customising your character and outfits. The game features gorgeous pixel art, and is filled with wacky visuals and Easter eggs.

ReRunners_1 ReRunners_2

Dunkers_iconDunkers (Free)

Dunkers is a basketball game where you goal is to wrestle the ball away from your opponent and slam dunk it in the net. You can play either in arcade mode, aiming for the highest score, or hone your skills in career mode. You can also play against a friend on the same device in two-player mode. 

Dunkers_1 Dunkers_2

Snakebird_iconSnakebird (Free)

Don’t let the colourful visuals fool you – Snakebird is as challenging a puzzler as they come. The game requires you to twist and turn the serpentine birds around maze-like levels filled with obstacles. There’s fruit along the way, which the birds can eat to become longer, letting them manipulate the levels better and reach the exit. You’ll also have to contend with spikes, gaps, portals, multiple snakebirds and movable blocks as you get to higher levels.

Snakebird_1 Snakebird_2

App of the Week

Super Arc Light (Free)

The minimalist arcade shooter Super Arc Light is this week’s free App of the Week. In the game, your spaceship will rotate on its own, and you’ll need to ward off enemy attacks from all directions.

Other notable new games this week include Crusader Kings: Chronicles, Guild of Dungeoneering and Cubway.