Top iOS apps and games of the week #34

A new video calling app from Google and a nifty video app are in store for you this weekend. Our selection of new iOS games include a mobile port of the Deus Ex franchise, a Zelda-style puzzle adventure and an interesting title based on the Mr Robot TV show.


Google Duo_iconGoogle Duo (Free)

Google’s Duo video-calling app, which was announced at the I/O developers conference in May, has finally been released. The cross-platform app features a simple, no-frills interface, and lets you call people in your phone’s contacts. A useful feature called Knock-Knock lets you see a live preview of the caller before you answer. Duo has been optimised for use even with slow or patchy network connections, with video quality lowered to prevent calls from being disconnected.

Google Duo_1 Google Duo_2 Google Duo_3

Spark Pro_iconSpark Pro (Free)

The makers of the popular Spark Camera app have launched a new video app for iOS users called the Spark Pro. The app features a simple interface letting you press and hold a button to capture clips in 1080p resolution. You can then apply a range of filters by sliding across the clip, add music from your iTunes library as a background score, and trim, re-order and delete clips from your video. Once you’re done, you can share your video on Instagram, Snapchat Memories, iMessage and more.

Spark Pro_1 Spark Pro_2


Deus Ex GO_iconDeus Ex GO (Rs 300)

From the makers of Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO comes a new turn-based puzzle infiltration game based in the Deus Ex universe. In Deus Ex GO, you play covert agent Adam Jensen, who must unravel the conspiracy behind a terrorist plot. The game shows you a top-down view of each level, filled with guards, turrets, drones and more. You’ll need to strategically outsmart the obstacles in each level, using power-ups and hacking stations to get by. There are a total of 50 story levels, with a new puzzle added every weekday. 

Deus Ex GO_1 Deus Ex GO_2

Legend of the Skyfish_iconLegend of the Skyfish (Rs 250)

Legend of the Skyfish is an adventure puzzle game that Zelda fans will love. The game follows Little Red Hook on her journey to defeat the Skyfish. Your only weapon is a fishing pole, which you’ll be able to use as a weapon or grappling hook, upgrading it as you go. You’ll also be able to use it to pull objects towards you, or swing from island to island. There are various types of enemies to defeat, as well as a few boss battles. The game features 45 levels, with gorgeous hand-painted graphics and an original score.

Legend of the Skyfish_1 Legend of the Skyfish_2

Leap of Fate_iconLeap of Fate (Rs 250)

A roguelike action game set in a dystopian universe, in Leap of Fate you play as one of four technomages fighting against your own psychological demons. You’ll have to fend off hordes of enemies and avoid dangerous traps, but if you die you’ll have to start all over again. The game features procedurally generated levels, with your weapons being your ability to shadow walk, the powerful glyphs you find and the magical skills you can collect and upgrade.

Leap of Fate_1 Leap of Fate_2

Mr Robot_iconMr Robot: 1.51exfiltrati0n.ipa (Rs 150)

If you’re a fan of the Mr Robot TV show, this is a game you need to check out. The game puts you in the middle of events in the first season, where you (Eliot) find a mobile phone belonging to black hat hacker Darlene. The game is played within a fictitious E Corp messaging app, where you’ll get to interact with Darlene and the various other members of the fsociety hacker group who unwittingly text her phone. You’ll be able to choose from a number of replies, with your choices affecting the storyline. 

Mr Robot_1 Mr Robot_2 Mr Robot_3

Ruins Ahead_iconRuins Ahead (Free)

Ruins Ahead is a Crossy Road-style game with isometric visuals. Running through endless ruins, you’ll get to collect gold coins and precious artifacts, watching out for traps and dangers along the way. The unique aspect of the gameplay is the ability to rotate your level to avoid obstacles. The game features 55 unlockable characters, five worlds, bonus levels, high scores, power ups and achievements. You can play the game either in portrait or landscape modes.

Ruins Ahead_1 Ruins Ahead_2 Ruins Ahead_3

Free App of the Week

Pixel Cup Soccer 16

A retro-style soccer game, this week’s Free App of the Week is Pixel Cup Soccer 16. The arcade-style game features three play modes, various competitions, different leagues and 18 stadiums.    

Other notable new games to check out include Outfolded, Memdot and Zombie Town Story.