Top keyboard replacements for Android

“We take a look at some of the best keyboard alternatives on the Play Store”

The keyboard on your Android smartphone is not just another app you occasionally open. It is your best friend who knows all your secrets and gossips and like any good friend, even mocks you by correcting the spellings of words you don’t know. For some, the stock keyboard that comes with their smartphones is passable enough, but if you are looking to amp up your texting game, then here is a list of the best keyboard apps out on Android right now.

google-keyboard-androidGoogle Keyboard (free)

The stock keyboard app which many Android smartphones ship with, the Google keyboard is a solid option for those who like simplicity. The keyboard doesn’t confuse its users with a lot of settings and scores big on its autocorrect capabilities. Recent updates to the keyboard have brought about some customisation features in the form of  themes as well. Users can also pick an image from their gallery and use it as a theme for their keyboards. Bundled with support for gestures and the latest emojis, Google Keyboard should be your go-to choice if you want a fast, minimal and reliable keyboard app.

swiftkey-keyboard-androidSwiftKey Keyboard (free)

Probably the most well-known keyboard app on the market, SwiftKey’s AI algorithm offers users incredibly accurate predictions. The app makes use of cloud syncing to make personalised predictions available to users even if they switch their device. The app comes with a ton of free and paid themes and can be customised in numerous other ways by adding or deleting a number row, changing the size of the keyboard and more. Packed with over a 100 different languages and even more in beta, SwiftKey is the only keyboard which doesn’t require a user to constantly swipe between multiple languages that they have selected. The keyboard also comes with support for gesture-based typing by sliding a finger across the keyboard’s layout and the recent updates added support for GIFs and emoji prediction as well. The keyboard offers a perfect balance between personalisation and performance and should be your choice if you are an avid texter who relies on fast autocorrections.

fleksy-keyboardFleksy (free)

Next on the list is Fleksy, a gesture-heavy keyboard with a ton of customisation features. The keyboard is one of the best when it comes to predictions and has an arsenal of nifty tricks up its sleeve in the form of extensions. Users can club up to three different extensions to their keyboard which gives them access to some quick shortcuts, animations and much more. The keyboard has over 40 different themes, all of which are free and the app also allows users to design their own custom theme. With support for GIFs and over 40 different languages, Fleksy has held the record for the fastest keyboard app on the market twice. So if snappy response times and customisation are your thing, Fleksy needs to be in your app drawer.

chrooma-keyboard-androidChrooma Keyboard (free)

A newcomer in the Android keyboard space, Chrooma is a Google-esque keyboard app with a colourful twist. Besides the regular prediction and autocomplete features, Chrooma tries to replicate the colour of the app you are using it in. For instance, if you are texting someone on Whatsapp, Chrooma will automatically change the colour of the keyboard to green. Users have the option to manually change the colours as well. The keyboard is extremely lightweight and easy to use, albeit some of its features can only be unlocked via in-app purchases.

swype-keyboard-androidSwype Keyboard (Rs 66)

This is the keyboard that started the trend of gesture-based typing. If you like texting without ever having to lift your fingers, then Swype is your guy. The app is paid, but comes with a free version. Users slide their fingers on the keyboard to form words which are autocorrected using Swype’s extremely accurate engine. The keyboard comes with a host of themes although most of them are paid, so you’ll have to spend a little more to customise the keyboard to your needs.

minuum-keyboard-androidMinuum Keyboard (Rs 200)

Do you own a smartphone with a small screen? Are you annoyed by the fact that the smallest size preset of your keyboard still takes up a lot of room on the screen? Worry not, as Minuum has come to the rescue. The keyboard app aligns all the letters in a single row and relies on its autocorrect capabilities to figure out what you are typing. Users do have the option to enlarge the keyboard to its standard size and the keyboard also comes with a bunch of themes allowing you to customise it to some extent. Minuum is certainly not the fastest keyboard on the list and definitely not the cheapest at Rs 200, but if are in the market for a tiny keyboard, it doesn’t get any smaller than Minuum.