TSMC officially announces R&D for world’s first 2nm process

“TSMC 2nm process is expected to enter mass production in 2024 at the Southern Science and Technology Park in Hsinchu, Taiwan factory”

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) recently released its 5nm chip design infrastructure. Now, the company officially announced that it kickstarted the research and development of the 2nm process, thereby making it the first to talk about the 2nm process publicly. It is expected to enter mass production in 2024 at the Southern Science and Technology Park in Hsinchu, Taiwan factory. This advancement comes as a move to counter Samsung’s advancements.

TSMC 5nm chipsets

Furthermore, Talking about 3nm, Zhuang Zishou, director of the Taiji Power Plant, said, “TSMC’s first 3nm plant in Taiwan will be put into operation in 2021 and will be mass-produced in 2022.” Reports suggest that TSMC’s 3nm R&D plant in Hsinchu, Taiwan has successfully passed the EIA and is expected to hit mass production on schedule. TSMC also revealed that it is expecting the 2nm plant R&D, and mass production will be placed in Hsinchu five years later. In its current state, TSMC has about 7,000 semiconductor process R&D talents in Hsinchu.

TSMC believes that the 2nm process in a vital node, and it will be the first company in the world to announce the start of research and development of the 2nm process. However, the details process details have not been disclosed yet.

Separately, TSMC also announced that it is readying test production of the 5nm chipset and the same is expected to be mass produced from 2020. This means that the engineering samples of these chipsets would likely reach vendors only around mid or late next year. TSMC’s 5nm process is claimed to result up to 45 percent smaller chips while improving performance by around 15 percent. The 5nm chipsets are likely to reside 7nm only in 2021.

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