Twitter Blue relaunching on December 2nd with Grey, Gold & Blue ticks: here’s what they mean

According to the type of account, Twitter Blue will now offer three new checkmarks.

  • Twitter is likely to relaunch the Blue subscription service on December 2nd.
  • The platform will now issue three different coloured checkmarks.
  • Grey checkmarks for Governments, Gold for companies, and Blue for individual accounts.

Elon Musk stated on Friday that the anticipated launch date for Twitter Blue, the company’s premium subscription service for verification, is December 2nd. Musk announced in a tweet that Twitter will now offer a gold check mark for businesses, a grey check mark for the government, and a blue check mark for people (famous or not). He further stated that before the check is activated, all validated accounts would undergo manual authentication.

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Musk apologised for the delay in a tweet response to a user and noted that the company is putting great effort into relaunching Twitter Blue; the launch is tentatively scheduled for next week. The company will now use various coloured check marks to distinguish between sorts of accounts in order to avoid all the controversy and problems.

Twitter introduced a revamped Twitter Blue earlier this month, allowing users to get a blue tick for $8 per month. Prior to this, only verified accounts of public figures like journalists, famous people, politicians, and other individuals in the media have been given the coveted blue check mark. After that, several Twitter blue users impersonated companies, throwing doubt on the premise of giving Blue ticks to regular users. This prompted the company to put a pause on the subscription feature.

Since then, Musk has repeatedly postponed relaunching the subscription service. He previously stated, “Holding off the relaunch of Blue Verified until there is high confidence of stopping impersonation,” just a few days ago. Even if the service does start next week, it will still be months before it is available worldwide. With a fixed monthly subscription fee of $8, Twitter Blue is likely to return for users in the US, Australia, and the UK.