[Exclusive] Twitter Blue premium subscription spotted in India, official rollout imminent

Twitter Blue release in India could be imminent as 91mobiles has spotted the feature ahead of an official announcement.

  • Twitter recently unveiled its subscription-based premium service, dubbed Twitter Blue.
  • Twitter Blue is so far not available in India, but that appears to be changing soon.
  • We have located the Twitter Blue icon on a social media handle, which hints at an imminent rollout.

Not too long ago, Twitter rolled out a subscription-based service called Twitter Blue, in select markets. Twitter Blue offers a bunch of premium features that are otherwise not available to everyone. And even though the much-needed and much-requested edit feature has still not been made available, there’s an ‘Undo Tweet’ option which Twitter Blue subscribers can make use of, amid other attractive features. Twitter Blue has so far not been made available in India, but that appears to be changing very soon now. We have spotted the Twitter Blue icon on our social media handles (images below), which potentially means that the official rollout of Twitter Blue in India is imminent. Take a look.

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Twitter Blue is coming to India

As seen in the images above, the Twitter Blue icon has been added to the otherwise grey-toned side menu bar on our social media handle. While this was exciting at first, the feature has not been rolled out properly yet. When we tapped on the icon, we received the dreaded “Something went wrong. Try reloading” message. That, however, might soon be changing and we might get to see an official rollout of Twitter Blue in India.

Twitter Blue features

For now, Twitter Blue monthly subscription offers the option to upload longer videos (up to 10 minutes long), the ability to pin conversations to the top of one’s Direct Message inbox, bookmark folders, exclusive app icons for one’s device, custom navigation, app theme, ad-free articles, reader mode, top articles, and, of course, undo Tweets. All of these features are listed on our profile, thereby meaning that Twitter Blue, when unveiled in India, will provide at least these features in the country.

For now, this is all the information that we have on Twitter Blue for India and we will, well, ‘try reloading’ till the time we are able to subscribe to Twitter Blue. Whenever we do, we will make sure to keep you posted on the same.